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Reservation, educational benefits restored

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KOLLAM: The government on Thursday restored the reservation and educational benefits of the children of inter-caste marriage parents with one of them from the Scheduled Community.

This was announced by Minister for the Welfare of Scheduled and Backward Communities A.K. Balan while addressing a meet-the-press programme at the Kollam Press Club. He said on the basis of a Supreme Court verdict, the previous United Democratic Front government had issued an order on June 6, 2005, that Scheduled Community caste certificate would be issued only to those children from inter-caste mar riages whose father was from a Scheduled Community.


This denied the benefits to many children from inter-caste marriages. Even those children brought up under the traditional Scheduled Community system were also denied the certificate. Many deserted women and their children from inter-caste marriage were suffering because of the situation, the Minister said.

“The government has restored the benefits on November 20, 2008, through an ordinance. It was through an order issued in 1977 that the children of inter-caste marriage parents, with one of them from the Scheduled Community, were issued Scheduled Community certificates for availing themselves of the benefits.” This order was withdrawn on the basis of the Supreme Court verdict. Later, a full Bench of the High Court in the Indira vs State case gave the verdict that it was cruel to deny the benefits to the children of women from the Scheduled Communities deserted by their upper caste husbands.

On the basis of the High Court verdict, the government decided to amend the 2005 order for restoring the benefits to all children of inter-caste marriages.

For getting the Scheduled Community certificate, an undertaking has to be submitted.

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