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Random attacks on young women

Deepika Arwind

BANGALORE: The past week has been marked by at least three reported assaults on young women in Bangalore’s streets. In what appears to be a backlash of the condemnation and campaign against the Mangalore pub attacks, three women were picked out for their “western clothing”, by groups of two to four men.

The first reported attack on February 17 in Indiranagar was on a young woman driving her car. Two men on a motorcycle chased her and made ugly comments until she decided to run into a familiar apartment building for help. But before she could do that, she was cornered against her car. She had a fight with one of the men. The woman finally managed to seek refuge inside the building, but was too shaken to note the number of the motorcycle.

The second assault took place on Tuesday morning in Ulsoor, when a young woman was accosted by four men in a high-end car. They not only abused her in Kannada for wearing “western clothing”, but also tugged at her clothes and looked through her bag. They hit her on the ear and scratched her neck. She was rescued by Army men. On Tuesday at 9 p.m., a young film-maker walking down a road past Mount Carmel College, was beaten up by four men. She was told she deserved it for wearing jeans. The first and third victims of the attack have registered complaints.

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