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Ramsey Clark visits Nandigram

Staff Reporter

Kolkata: The former U.S. Attorney-General, Ramsey Clark, visited Nandigram on Thursday to see the condition of peasants after the recent violence there. Mr. Clark is participating in an international anti-imperialist conference being held here.

“It was a very moving experience to see the people facing a plight that was brought upon them by their own government,” said Mr. Clark on his return. He was accompanied by Sara Flounders, member, Central Secretariat, of the U.S.-based Workers’ World Party, and Steven Kirschbaum, vice-president, U.S. Steel Workers Associations. Stating that Nandigram clearly represented imperialist designs, Mr. Clarke said that to prevent it, “we must fight unitedly.”

“Power stands in the people, but the question is whether there is will and intelligence to exert that power.” He hoped that the banner of resistance would be held high by the people of Nandigram and carried by the All-India Anti-Imperialist Forum, organisers of the conference, to strengthen the movement.

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