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Population in State up by 11 per cent

Andhra Pradesh has retained its place as the fifth most populous State in the country with a head count of 8.46 crore, recording an 11.10 per cent growth rate over 2001 census. The increase in population was 84.55 lakh.

The provisional 2011 census figures released here by Y.V. Anuradha, Director of Census Operations, on Thursday, showed a male population of 4.25 crore and 4.21 crore that of female.

The State registered 11.10 per cent growth rate as against 14.59 per cent in 2001, down by 3.49 per cent. The declining trend started in 2001, apparently because of the implementation of the ‘small family' norm.

The State recorded a sex ratio of 992 females (for every 1,000 males) as against 978 in 2001, a 14-point increase during the decade. The density of population also increased from 277 to 308 persons per sq. km. The literacy rate went up from 60.47 per cent to 67.77 per cent. Proportion of children in the age group of 0-6 years to total population came down from 13.35 per cent in 2001 to 10.21 per cent.

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