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Police keep tab on Maoists’ cash flow

The police have kept a close watch on the CPI(Maoists) who are reportedly making efforts to exchange Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. The extremists are contacting their sympathisers and financiers for arranging new notes.

There were instances of police seizing currency in the Naxal dumps. It is learnt that the Maoist party which maintains a cash reserve is facing a severe problem in getting Rs.100 and Rs.50 notes and to exchange old currency with the new ones.

The dalam members are contacting landlords and moneylenders for depositing the cash hid in villages. But many of the banks and the ATMs in the rural areas are not fully operational.

The police arrested a petrol bunk owner, Nand Kishore, at Ranchi on November 10, when he reportedly tried to deposit Rs. 25 lakh, belonging to a local dalam in a bank.

They are trying to get more information from him and investigating is on the financial support and his links with the banned organisation.

“The Naxalites will depend on their couriers, sympathisers, contractors and their open cadres for carrying out their activities. As bank activities had been stalled in the villages for the last few days, they may move to urban areas for exchange of the old currency,” a police officer opined.

“At present, the Maoists are not in a position to cross the State borders and move in forests freely after the recent major strike by the elite forces at Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) in which about 30 Naxalites were killed. The Centre’s decision on demonetisation casts a shadow on the Maoist party too,” an intelligence official told The Hindu.

*Naxals trying to deposit old currency through sympathisers

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