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Number Plate Reader cameras commissioned

36 cameras installed at 7 traffic signals, eight check posts

Policing went hi-tech in the city with the commissioning of sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) cameras at traffic junctions and check posts as part of technology integration to enforce road rules effectively and check violations.

In all, 36 ANPR cameras have been installed at seven important traffic signals and eight check posts under the state-of-the-art and fully automated Traffic Regulatory Management System (TRMS).

Rs. 3-crore technology

The State government has funded the nearly Rs. 3 crore technology initiative for round-the-clock monitoring at traffic junctions.

The city police has already installed ‘Pan Tilt Zoom' surveillance cameras besides equipping traffic police personnel with hand held computers under the TRMS.

The advanced Automatic Number Plate Readers have the capability to read and record the registration number of vehicles plying on the busy thoroughfares as well as those entering the city through the check posts.

Wi-Fi network

Connected through Wi-Fi network to the modern police control room, where a high end server and plasma screens have been installed, the ANPRs can detect vehicles involved in stop-line violation and red light jumping without any human intervention.

The system also has the capability to store database of stolen, missing vehicles as well as those used for kidnapping and alert the police control room automatically in case of movement of such vehicles found plying within the city limits.

Notice would be issued along with image proof to the owners of the vehicles found violating traffic rules.

Commissioning the Automatic Number Plate Readers at the police control room here on Thursday, the Commissioner of Police, K. Vanniaperumal, said the entire city has been covered.

Tiruchi was the first city in State to have installed these ANPR cameras, Mr. Vanniaperumal said adding that the equipment would help in detecting over speeding, drunken driving, stop line and red light jumping violations besides detecting stolen vehicles.

Stating that technology had been completely integrated into the city's traffic management with the commissioning of the Automatic Number Plate Readers, Mr. P.N. Mahadevan, managing director, Purple Infotech, Chennai, which was awarded the contract for establishing the Traffic Regulatory Management System, said the system also had provisions for further improvements and upgradation in future.

  • ANPR cameras have the capability to read and record registration numbers of vehicles
  • To help in detecting over speeding, drunken driving, stop line and red light jumping violations

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