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Not given a fair trial, says Anand’s family

New Delhi: The family and the lawyer of Indian-American Anand Jon Alexander, who was sentenced by a U.S. court to 59 years in jail for sexually assaulting aspiring models, said on Tuesday that he was not given a fair trial.

“I need somebody strong to step in, otherwise we are not going to get justice,” Anand’s sister, Sanjana Jon, said.

“Every piece of evidence that is medical shows that nothing ever happened,” Sanjana told TV channels, claiming the rape tests were negative and the polygraph showed that Anand was telling the truth.

His mother, Shashi Jon, said: “He is not capable of doing anything like this. This was beyond my belief that Anand has been taken in and arrested on charges of molestation.”

Their family’s lawyer Majid Memon said: “It is very sad that this young boy, a celebrity from India, has to be left like this and being now convicted and sentenced to suffer for the whole of his life.” — PTI

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