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No rule to allow debate on Nandigram: CPI(M)

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BJP could link Nandigram with related topic: Yechury

Police firing in Andhra Pradesh not allowed to be discussed

Gujarat riots were discussed as it was an attack on minorities

NEW DELHI: Flaying the Bharatiya Janata Party for stalling Parliament proceedings over Nandigram, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Monday said there was neither any rule nor any precedent of allowing a discussion on a State’s law and order.

At a press conference here, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and Rajya Sabha member Sitaram Yechury said the BJP could link Nandigram with a discussion on any other related topic.

Violation of rules

“Our objection is not against a debate on Nandigram, but against the violation of rules and procedures of Parliament, which do not allow discussion on matters that are exclusive State subjects.”

Asked how a discussion could be allowed on the 2002 Gujarat communal violence, he said it could be discussed as it was “an attack on minorities,” an issue that was permitted under parliamentary rules. “Even the Supreme Court had said that the matter concerned secularism, a fundamental feature of the Constitution. The court had on this basis upheld the dismissal of four State governments by the then Narasimha Rao government after the Babri Masjid demolition.”

Mr. Yechury said the police firing on farmers in Andhra Pradesh and killing of an MP, allegedly by Maoists, in Jamshedpur were also not allowed to be discussed. The Business Advisory Committees of Parliament discussed the BJP’s adjournment notices, which referred to the West Bengal Governor’s statement and the High Court ruling on Nandigram. Both were not admissible as per the rules. Mr. Yechury and the CPI(M) leader in the Lok Sabha, Basudeb Acharia, have written an open letter to all Members of Parliament on Nandigram.

It pointed out that despite the State government dropping the idea of constructing a petrochemical and petroleum investment region in the area as early as February, a “false campaign” was launched to create panic among the locals.

The letter narrated the incidents that led to the eviction of thousands of CPI(M) supporters and commoners from the area and pointed out that they remained in refugee camps for 11 months. The letter also elaborated on how all development works came to a standstill during this period.

Maintaining that the Nandigram developments represented “a political gang-up to capture territory through use of armed force,” the Left leaders said all violence would be dealt with strongly, irrespective of the culprits’ political affiliation.

“The need of the hour is peace and development. The Left Front is committed to such a path. We hope that with the cooperation of all peace-loving citizens, normal life in Nandigram can be restored at the earliest and people can live together in peace and harmony as earlier,” they said.

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