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Mayawati promises quota for upper castes too in private sector

Special Correspondent

‘BSP is keen on implementing social welfare schemes in the State’

They will be based on the Uttar Pradesh model

of social change

BANGALORE: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Sunday called upon the people of the State to enable the BSP to replicate the Uttar Pradesh model of social change and development here.

With the State set to go for the Legislative Assembly elections in a few months, Ms. Mayawati, who was here on a two-day visit to welcome former Minister P.G.R. Sindhia and his followers to BSP, said the party was keen on implementing similar social welfare schemes in the State if it received support from people. Addressing a large convention of party workers, she said, if voted to power at the Centre, the BSP would provide reservation in private sector not only to Dalits, backward classes and minorities but also to the economically weaker among the upper castes.

“There is a need to amend the Constitution to provide such a reservation. We will amend the Constitution if we come to power at the Centre,” she added. The 10 per cent reservation accorded in the private sector in Uttar Pradesh would be replicated across the country.

There was also the need to extend these benefits to Dalits, who had converted to Christianity. Ms. Mayawati said the oppressed sections were losing their reservation rights in government jobs as the Congress, the BJP and other parties were on a spree of privatisation of government undertakings. The main aim of the BSP, she said, was to build a harmonious society, which would be free from caste frictions and also provide equal opportunities to all communities.

But this dream could not be realised without convincing the upper castes to accept the BSP ideology, she said and asked the party workers to join hands with members of all the communities in the society.

The BSP received a boost with the entry of Mr. P.G.R. Sindhia, who has served as MLA for about 35 years and as a Minister for 16 years.

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