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I feel relieved as I have been exonerated: Haneef

Atul Aneja

DUBAI: “I feel relieved as I have now been completely exonerated of the charges,” Dr. Haneef who has moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) told The Hindu on Tuesday.

Dr. Haneef said he had no immediate plans to work in Australia. He was currently employed in a hospital in the UAE and was in the country on a work visa. His family had already joined him from


Asked to comment on his perception of the recent terror attacks in India, Dr. Haneef said those involved in terrorism “had to be tackled” with the help of a revamped security setup.

He stressed that all Indians, irrespective of their religious or community affiliations had to get together to combat terrorism, as defeating this scourge was not the responsibility of the politicians, bureaucracy and the security forces alone.

PTI adds from Melbourne:

Dr. Haneef has said he held no grudge against the Australian government but an apology from it “would go very handy.”

“I was very very pleased and very relieved and thankful,” Dr. Haneef said.

Bernard Murphy, a member of Dr. Haneef’s legal team, said the report was a “complete exoneration and vindication of Haneef and it was a “political disaster” for former Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews.

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