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Four terror suspects remanded in judicial custody, taken to Mumbai

The terror suspects being taken to a court in Mangalore on Saturday

The terror suspects being taken to a court in Mangalore on Saturday  

Staff Correspondent

Ahmed Bawa has emerged as the key suspect

in the case

Five explosive devices were recovered from

his house: police

MANGALORE: The four persons arrested by the police on Friday for allegedly having links with the terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen were remanded in judicial custody till October 17 by a sessions court here on Saturday.

The suspects — Mohammed Ali (56), his son Jawed Ali (20), Naushad (25) and Ahmed Bawa (33) — have been taken to Mumbai for further interrogation, said Superintendent of Police N. Sateesh Kumar. Ahmed Bawa, a petty businessman from Haleyangadi village near Mulki, from whose house the police claimed to have recovered five explosive devices, has emerged as the key suspect in the case, according to the police.

Mr. Kumar said that the explosive devices were nitrogen grenades. To cause extra damage, they had been fortified with metal pieces and nails that would turn into shrapnel when the bombs exploded, he said.

Meanwhile, Heenaz, the elder daughter of Mohammed Ali, said, “The moment the police barged into our house they began asking us about the whereabouts of Ahmed Bawa.”


Claiming that her father was innocent she said that he was taken away by the police when he told them that he knew Ahmed Bawa. She said that her brother Jawed Ali was picked up when he told the police that he could take them to the house of Naushad, who in turn could lead them to Ahmed Bawa. Ms. Heenaz’s version of the events leading to the arrest of Ahmed Bawa matches with that of the police’s which was made public at a press conference on Friday.

Interestingly, most of the CDs in a black case that were displayed by the police along with the recovered items on Friday featured Zakir Naik, a medical doctor turned Islamic scholar. The CDs bore titles such as “Similarities between Hinduism and Islam”, “Similarities between Islam and Christianity”, “Universal Brotherhood”, “Islam and Secularism” and “Religion in the right perspective”.

Ms. Heenaz claimed that all those CDs had spiritual content and they had nothing to do with violent Jihad.

She also claimed that her father and brother were steeped in the study of scriptures of various religions. “They are secular people,” she added.

Sirsi Correspondent reports:

A special squad of the police from Mumbai and Mangalore are searching for Riyaz Ismail Shabandri of Bhatkal, who is suspected to have links with the alleged terrorists arrested after the recent serial bomb blasts in various parts of the country. Riyaz is also suspected to have links with Naushad, who was arrested in Ullal on Friday.

Riyaz is said to be in Pakistan.

The police visited the house of Riyaz’s father in-law at Azadnagar in Bhatkal and his house at Tenginagundi Cross near Bhatkal to collect more information.

A team of Corps of Detectives is also in Bhatkal.

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