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Any move to demolish Ramar Sethu will not be tolerated: Jayalalithaa

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on Friday said her party would not tolerate any move to demolish the Ramar Sethu.

“If any such move is sought to be implemented, we will fight it in the highest court of the land to uphold the true spirit of secularism,” she said in a statement.

Accusing the government of being insensitive when it came to Hindu sentiments, she said the Centre was taking the monumental tolerance of the Hindu community for granted.

“Would any government in the world think of levelling the Himalayas, claiming it is a natural phenomenon, and not a man-made structure, and build amusement parks and tourist resorts there? Demolishing Ramar Sethu and allowing ships to ply that way is tantamount to that,” Ms. Jayalalithaa said.

Questioning the reason behind the Centre’s decision “to cobble together arguments to justify the demolition of the Ramar Sethu at the cost of sentiments and faith,” she asked whether the government was trying to precipitate communal strife to divert public attention from more pressing problems like price rise and hike in prices of petroleum products.

“If the UPA, at the behest of the DMK, continues to ignore these problems and persists with its patently anti-people actions, the people will throw them out in the next elections,” Ms. Jayalalithaa added.

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