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Another Indian on death row: Burney

Islamabad: Pakistani rights activist Ansar Burney has found, after Kashmir Singh, another Indian on death row, Karpal Singh, languishing in jail in the Punjab province since 1992.

Mr. Burney, former Human Rights Minister, on Tuesday said workers of his organisation had come across Karpal in the course of their welfare work in prisons.

Karpal, who hails from Gurdaspur, was convicted of murder and destroying property in 1992. “Interestingly, while the case was registered in the railway station in Faisalabad, Karpal Singh was convicted by an anti-terrorism court in Lahore,” Mr. Burney told PTI on the phone from London, expressing doubts whether he was given a fair trial.

During his years in prison, Karpal’s name was changed to Fateh Mohammed. Mr. Burney said his organisation was trying to locate Karpal’s family. All that is known about it is that his father’s name is Das Singh. — PTI