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INTO MODERN TIMES: A triple view LCD developed by Sharp displayed at its technology hall in Tenri, Japan.

INTO MODERN TIMES: A triple view LCD developed by Sharp displayed at its technology hall in Tenri, Japan.   | Photo Credit: Photo: M. Soundariya Preetha

M. Soundariya Preetha

Sharp Corporation's Technology Hall tells story of path-breaking inventions

COIMBATORE: Sharp Corporation's Memorial Hall and Technology Hall at Tenri in Japan is a window to how innovations and technological advances evolve to improve our lifestyle.

The halls, which were opened more than two decades ago, have over 100 displays starting from calculators and microwave ovens to liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions and triple view LCD panels developed by the company.

Spread over 813 sq. m., the memorial hall has about 100 products on display. Many of these were the first of their kind in Japan or in the world at the time of development.

A team of presspersons which visited Sharp's facilities in Japan recently found a relief of Sharp's founder Tokuji Hayakawa welcoming visitors at the entrance to the Memorial Hall. From there starts a string of products radios, televisions, "Ever-Sharp pencil", calculators and microwave ovens. These are Sharp's developments exhibited in the chronological order with details such as year of development, cost at that time and in some cases a short note on their speciality.

While the memorial hall features "Following the path of creative innovation", the Technology Hall focuses on "Develop the future". Some interesting products are a mechanical pencil with a thermometer on top, "talking calculator" (mainly for the visually impaired), and a double cassette recorder.

The Technology Hall, adjacent to the Memorial Hall, has LCD products, environment technologies, software, cameras and mobiles. The AQUOS television from Sharp, several uses of photovoltaic cells, and application of LCD panels attract the visitors. The triple view LCD, exhibited at the hall, is yet to be commercialised.

Simultaneously three different displays can be seen on the panel from three directions.

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