11 products from T.N. get the GI tag

Sangeetha Kandavel

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Saturday, 1st April 2023
Page No. 8
Chennai Print Edition

The famous Manapparai murukku, the Cumbum panneer thratchai (grapes), Marthandam honey and the Ooty varkey are among 11 products from Tamil Nadu which got the Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai on Friday.

The other products are Manamadurai pottery, Salem sago (javvarisi), Authoor vetrilai, Negamam cotton sari, Myladi stone carvings, Thaikkal Rattan craft and the Sholavandan betel vine.

Manapparai, a town in Tamil Nadu, is known for its unique variety of murukkus, known as Manapparai murukku. It is prepared with rice flour, sesame seeds, ajwain seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida powder, which gives a flavour to this deep-fried snack. The speciality of this murukku is that it is deep fried twice to get a golden colour. The applicant to obtain GI tag for this product was Manapparai Murukku Thyarippalar.

The Marthandam Beekeepers Co-operative was the applicant for the Marthandam honey. According to details furnished by the applicants, this particular honey is 100% raw and organic and the entire process does not involve any chemicals at any stage. Even the filtration process is done naturally by storing the honey in wax-coated drums for 4-9 months. It is dark in colour, high in density and dense in taste. It does not dissolve in water easily.

The Cumbum area is an important centre for the production of Muscat grapes, known locally as panneer thratchai. The Muscat variety is popularly known as the panneer thratchai, on account of its quick growth and early maturity. The agro climate and the soil condition of the Cumbum region is very conducive for the cultivation of the variety.

A unique factor is that in this Cumbum valley the panneer grapes are available and harvested all through the year. The applicant for this product was Kaamayam Thiratchai Vivasayigal Sangam, Theni.

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