Urbaser Sumeet to handle waste disposal during IPL matches

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Saturday, 1st April 2023
Page No. 6
Chennai Print Edition

In a few days, crowds will gather at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chepauk to watch the Indian Premier League cricket matches and even after the crowds disperse, the waste they generate will remain.

Private conservancy company Urbaser Sumeet, which operates in Zone 9 to 15 of the Greater Chennai Corporation, is expanding its duties to the stands of the stadium for the duration of the seven IPL matches in MAC Stadium at Chepauk.

“Our aim is that roads and stands must be totally clean,” said Mahmood Sait, chief executive officer of the company. He said it was easier to spread the message of waste segregation and management to youth and mass gatherings.

“During the India-Australia match at the stadium recently, we ensured that the surrounding roads were clean but this time we want to take it a step further”, said Mr. Sait.

During a recent visit to the stadium, Urbaser officials held talks with Tamil Nadu Cricket Association representatives to establish a “Green Protocol” focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling waste from the matches.

“The protocol focuses on curtailing the use of plastic within the stadium and encouraging cloth flags and banners,” said V.R. Hari Balaji, Information Education and Communication officer, Urbaser.

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