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2 held for illegal exchange of currency

Taking advantage of demonetisation, two persons who tried to exchange Rs. 10 notes with the new Rs. 2,000 notes for a commission were arrested by the Langer Houz police on Saturday.

Dileep, who runs a finance business, and his associate Sonu, were caught with Rs. 2.15 lakh in Rs. 10 denomination, said the police. With people scrambling to find money at the ATMs and lining up at banks, the duo were looking to earn some quick bucks. While some ATMs were dispensing cash in Rs. 100 denomination, many were left with only Rs. 2,000 notes and no currency in smaller denomination after they went to banks.

According to police, Dileep was taking Rs. 2,000 notes from people who wanted change and was giving them back only Rs. 1,800 in return.

In a separate incident, traffic had stalled for over two hours over rumours that several of the notes had been dumped into the Musi river at Attapura. However, the rumour turned out to be false.

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