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‘13.8% schoolchildren at risk of lifestyle diseases’

The world over, surveys have pointed to a prevalence of obesity among children, and Bengaluru is no exception. A school-based screening of 1.04 lakh children in 138 private schools in Bengaluru has revealed some alarming trends among students aged between three and 16.

The survey, conducted by a private provider of health services in schools, found about10% of the children to be obese and 13.8% at risk of contracting lifestyle diseases in adulthood with waistlines which are more than half their height.

The survey data — compiled from June 2017 to January 2018 by AddressHealth — revealed a significant degree of malnutrition (both over and under nutrition) among children.

While 9.2% of children were found to be obese, 13.7% fell in the overweight category (overnutrition). About 8.5% were found to be too thin for their age (undernutrition).

On the rise

Corroborating the findings, Asha Benekappa, director of the State-run Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, said obesity is seen across income groups but is rising rapidly in schools catering to higher income groups and among primary and secondary students.

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