• Divya Sreedharan

    ... is a journalist, blogger and short-story writer. She writes on gender, ageing, lifestyle and social media. She also teaches Lifestyle Journalism and does guest lectures on Contemporary Culture and Media at various colleges in Bengaluru.


Viruses have always been around to keep us on our toes. Every now and again, it might do us good to throw our minds back to keep our approach fresh.
Coming of age can be the most uncomfortable milestone of a girl's life or it can be the most exciting time. Depending on which end of the traditional-modern spectrum she lives in. | Wikipedia
“Integrated” marketing involves a TV channel allowing its content to be used as a vehicle for a brand or product. | Pixabaythr
#IWillGoOut is a movement that sprouted in several cities including Bengaluru, New Delhi and Thrissur, in solidarity with women's right to freedom of movement in public spaces. | AFP