Pulitzer Prize photo gallery

Bearer of news

Gustasp Irani
Müller, Heinrich Anton; untitled, between 1925 and 1927; coloured pencil on paper.

Art from the fringe

Aruna Chandaraju
A. Amudhavalli, professor and head, Department of Library and Information Science, Madras University. Photo: R. Ragu

Turning the page on the library

Nahla Nainar
Mridula asked her to tell her if the sounds that formed the words that formed the sentences contained meaning as well, meaning that added up to a story. They talked about the first voice which she was demonstrating so well - the voice that reads the sound of letters and words and sentences. Then she asked her to listen to the voice that reads meaning and to let her hear that voice in her reading. Rozy is fast because it did not take her more than a few tries to move from sing song to expression. Her Chicken Licken went from a matter fo fact 'Oh, the sky is falling' to actually panicking that the sky was falling:

Paper trails

February 13, 2016