Tudor and Star Fling impresses

Tudor and Star Fling impressed when the horses were exercised here on Saturday (Oct. 23).

Outer sand: 600m: A 2-y-o (Hymn-Sublimely Single) (Manikandan), Katahdin (rb) 46.

800m: William Wallace (S. Kamble) 1-2, 600/46.5. Easy. Lucky Boy (rb), Speed Master (S. Kamble) 1-1, 600/45.5. Former finished well in front.

Inner sand: 600m: A 2-y-o (Top Class - Hanour) (rb) 43. Unextended. Strong Breeze (rb) 43. Easy. Princess Sasha (rb) 42. Moved under whip. Still I Rise (rb), Opus One (K.V. Baskar), Carreno (rb) 42.5. They were urged and finished in that order. Star Symbol (rb) 42. A 2-y-o (Roderic O’Connor-Star Goddess) (rb) 46.5. Easy. Royal Aristocrat (Farid Ansari) 46. Glenary (rb) (1,200-600) 41. Eased up. Cavallo Vincente (Shahar Babu) 42. Shaped well.

800m: Windsor Walk (Shahar Babu), Sinatra (S. Kabdhar) 55.5, 600/40.5. They were extended, former finished about six lengths in front. Victory Walk (rb) 54.5, 600/41. Pushed in the last part. Nightjar (Farid Ansari), (Saamidd-Pedalo Sis) (Shyam Kumar) 56.5, 600/42.5. Both are two years old, former finished two lengths in front. Angel Heart (S. Kamble), Senora Bianca (Shahar Babu) 57.5, 600/42.5. They were easy and level. Roses In My Dreams (rb) 57.5, 600/44.5. Pushed. Fast Car (rb) 59, 600/44. Easy. A 2-y-o (One Lucky Dane-Feast Of Love) (Manikandan), Pappa Rich (Koshi Kumar), Queen Of Justitia (rb) 1-2, 600/47.5. Song Of Glory (Azad Alam) 1-12.5, 800/59, 600/46.5. Easy. Yours Forever (rb) 1-15.5, 800/1-1, 600/47. Big Treasure (P. Sai Kumar) 1-15, 800/1-0, 600/47. Moved freely. Gods Plan (M. Bhaskar) 1-10, 800/56.5, 600/44. Well in hand. Durango (Koshi Kumar) 1-14.5, 800/59.5, 600/46. Pacific (rb), Wisaka (Manikandan) 1-17.5, 800/1-2, 600/48.5. They were easy.

1000m: Moresco (rb) 1-14, 800/1-1, 600/47.5. Easy. Regal Kid (Manikandan) 1-15.5, 800/58.5, 600/45. Shaped well. Lady Solitaire (Farid Ansari) 1-14, 800/57.5, 600/42. Niggled. Arapaho (M. Bhaskar) 1-12, 800/57, 600/43. Worked well. Alexandre Dumas (rb) 1-15, 800/1-0, 600/46.5. Easy. Tudor (rb) 1-6.5, 800/52.5, 600/40.5. Impressed. Manzoni (rb) 1-12, 800/58.5, 600/45. Eased up. Annexed (Koshi Kumar) 1-9.5, 800/53.5, 600/42. Ridden out. Star Fling (rb) 1-6.5, 800/55, 600/42. In fine nick. Berrettini (S. Kabdhar), Royal Symbol (rb) 1-12, 800/56, 600/42. They were extended, former finished three lengths ahead. Beethovan (rb) 1-13.5, 800/59, 600/46.5. Moved freely

1200m: Pense’e (P. Vikram) 1-32, (1,200-600) 42. Easy.

Gate practice — inner sand:

1000m: Star Romance (rb), (Planetaire - Manila Bay) (S. Kamble) 1-8.50. Both the youngsters jumped out well. Excellent Star (rb), Super Girl (Koshi Kumar), Rays Of Sun (Manikandan) 1-4.09. They took a level jump, first two named finished together in front. Star Waves (rb), Masterpiece (Shahar Babu), Lordship (S. Kabdhar) 1-5.84. They jumped out well. Star Waves was the pick. Epistoiary (Koshi Kumar), a 2-y-o (Top Class-Whistling Strait) (Manikandan), Cape Cod (rb) 1-5.36. Epistoiary finished well in front. Pink Pearl (Shahar Babu), Rwanda (S. Kabdhar), Protea (rb) 1-6.97. They jumped out well and finished in that order. Magical Wish (rb), Tifosi (rb), Fantastic Hit (A. Ayaz Khan) 1-4.87. They took a good jump, Magical Wish impressed. Stern Maiden (S. Kabdhar), Romantic Bay (K.V. Baskar) 1-14.87. They took a level jump. Former was eased up passing 600m. Chapmans Square (A. Ayaz Khan), Come Calling (rb) 1-7.58. They jumped out well, latter outpaced his companion.

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