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Can Anand subdue Carlsen at Sochi?

2012: World Championship (12-game title-match, Moscow): Anand defeated Boris Gelfand (Israel) 2.5-1.5 in the best-of-four rapid tie-break games after a 6-6 deadlock following 12 regulation games.
2010: World Championship (12-game title-match, Sofia): Anand defeated Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) 6.5-5.5 to retain the crown.
2000: FIDE World Championship (Knockout format) (Up to semifinals played in New Delhi and final in Tehran): First round: Bye; Second round: Defeated Victor Bologan (MDA) 1.5-0.5; Third round: Defeated Smbat Lputian (Arm) 1.5-0.5; Pre-quarterfinals: Defeated Bartlomiej Macieja (Pol) 1.5-0.5; Quarterfinals: Defeated Michael Adams (Eng) 2.5-1.5; Final: Defeated Alexei Shirov (Esp) 3.5-0.5.
1997-98: World Championship (Knockout format) in Groningen: Second round: Defeated Nikolac Pradag (BIH) 2-0; Third round: Defeated Alexander Khalifman (US) 3.5-2.5; Pre-quarterfinals: Defeated Zoltan Almasi (Hun) 2-0; Quarterfinals: Defeated Alexei Shirov (Esp) 1.5-0.5; Semifinals: Defeated Boris Gelfand (Blr) 1.5-0.5; Final: Defeated Michael Adams (Eng) 5-4. World title-match (Laussane): Lost to Anatoly Karpov 3-3; 0-2.
1994-1996: FIDE World Championship: Qualified as the 10th and final qualifier for the Candidates cycle from the Inter-zonal held in Biel, Switzerland. Anand topped a six-way tie for the 10th place with eight points. Boris Gelfand (9 points) was the winner. Candidate matches; Preliminary (Wijk aan Zee): Defeated Arthur Yusupov (Germany) 4.5-2.5; Quarterfinals (Sanghinagar): Lost to Gata Kamsky (US) 4-4, 0-2.
1993-1995: PCA World Championship: Qualified for the Candidates cycle by being tied for the first-place with winner Michael Adams (England) in the 54-player field in the PCA Qualifying Tournament in Groningen. Candidates Quarterfinals (New York): Defeated Oleg Romanishin (Ukraine) 5-2; Semifinals (Linares): Defeated Michael Adams (England) 5.5-1.5; Final (Las Palmas): Defeated Gata Kamsky (US) 6.5-4.5. World Championship title-match (New York): Lost to Garry Kasparov (Russia) 7.5-10.5).
1990-1993 World Championship: Viswanathan Anand qualified for the Candidates cycle by finishing third behind Boris Gelfand and Vassily Ivanchuk in the 64-player Inter-zonal tournament held in Manila. Candidates Matches – Preliminary round (Madras): Anand defeated Alexey Dreev (Russia) 4.5-1.5 in the best-of-eight games; Quarterfinals (Brussels): Lost to Anatoly Karpov 3.5-4.5.

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