Domineering show by Rajini

K. Rajini. Photo: S.S. Kumar  

Motorev India's K. Rajini domineering performance enabled him win the Group A Super Bikes 600cc category's second race in the fifth and final round of the MRF-FMSCI National motorcycle racing championships at MMRT, Irungattukottai, near here on Sunday, and with it the overall championship title (90 points).

From start to finish, Rajini proved his experience and class in no uncertain measure. R. Deepak (Preethi Racing), who was seven points behind, faltered at the start and paid the price.

After each and every lap, the lead between the two only kept increasing. After the first few laps, it was pretty clear that the fight was for the third place.

“Actually, there was no pressure on me to win,” said the 30-year-old Rajini. “If I had not encountered a crash in the second round at Coimbatore, I would have sealed the title after having won the first race of the final round. I was always confident.”

Twentyfour-year-old Deepak, who finished with 80 points, said he would get better with experience. “I had a suspension problem the other day and a poor start today did me in. With more exposure and better fitness I can perform well.”

Deepak, however, clinched the overall championship title in the Group B 4S 165cc Open winning both the races in the final round.

The results (provisional, Race2): Group A Superbikes 600cc: 1. K. Rajini (Motorev India), 2. R. Deepak (Preethi Racing), 3. M. Gautham (Preethi Racing); Group D 4S (upto 130cc, Novice): 1. J. Allwyn Jebaz, 2. Kamlesh Thakkur, 3. P. Anand Raj; Group D 4S 165cc Open: 1. Shyam Shankar (Motorev India), 2. Sumit Lucas Toppo (Performance), 3. A. Prabhu (Motorev India); Group D 4S 165cc Novice: 1. N. Abhishek, 2, E.B. Arjun, 3. Gaurav Naidu; Group B 4S 165cc Open: 1. R. Deepak (Preethi Racing), 2. Sarath Kumar (Motorev India), 3. K. Jagan (TVS Racing).

Honda MMSC One Make championship: Honda CBR 250 Open: 1. Sumit Lucas Toppo, 2. M. Gautham, 3. Shyam Shankar; Honda CBR 150 Open: 1. M. Sudhakar, 2. Aravind Ganesh, 3. Sudhakar Kesavan; Honda Twister Novice: 1. J. Allwyn Jebaz, 2. K.Y. Ahamed, 3. Sanjay Kumar.; Honda Stunner Open: 1. A. Prabhu, 2, Sudhakar Kesavan, 3. S. Padmanabhan.

Yamaha MMSC One Make championship: Yamaha R15 Novice: 1. S. Madhan, 2. Vivek Mani, 3. Gaurav Naidu; Yamaha R15 Open: 1. Shyam Kumar, 2. Sudhakar Kesavan, 3. Arun J. Pillai.

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