Aditya Pathy takes top honours in Open Pro-stock foreign cars

Local hero Aditya Pathy, driving a Toyota Supra, set the day's fastest time for foreign cars in his maiden venture and, with it, took home the top honour in the Open Pro-stock foreign cars (4001cc & above) in the third leg of the Indian National Drag Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Chettipalayam here on Sunday.

“I have driven four drag races before but this is my first nationals. I am pretty pleased with my effort but it could have been much better,” said Aditya.

Sanjeev A. Patil and Rajsekar Prabhu were the other drivers who had a great day out.

Coimbatore's Vasanthi Murali was the lone lady contestant. “It was a good chance to see where I stand in the crowd of men. I took part for the sheer thrill of it,” she said.

The results (final):

Bikes: INDRC class (two stroke upto 130cc): 1. Syed Khursheed Ali 15.185s. Upto 165cc: 1. Kaleem Pasha 13.257. 350cc & above: 1. Md. Javeed Khan 13.450.

Four stroke: Upto 165cc: 1. Vamsi Krishna Surapaneni 16.418. Upto 210cc: 1. Priyamvada Saradhi 17.733s. Upto 260cc: 1. Syed Khursheed Ali 15.372. INDRC Yezdi class: 1. Md. Javeed Khan 19.218.

INDRC Bullet class (350cc & above): 1. Munaf 16.848. INDRC foreign bikes (501-750cc): 1. A. Sathyaraj 11.988. 750cc & above: 1. Mithun Vettath 10.542. Open: 1. Mithun Vettath 10.835. INDRC Indian Bikes Open: 1. Kaleem Pasha 13.610. INDRC wheelie class: Indian bikes: 1. A. Sathyaraj 20.707.

Foreign bikes: 1. Mithun Vettath. Open class: Two stroke upto 130cc: 1. Kumaravel 16.660. Upto 165cc: 1. Shekar 16.015. 350cc & above: 1. B.S. Raghunathan 14.124.

Four stroke: Upto 130cc: 1. M. Santosh 19.581. Upto 165cc: 1. M. Santosh 17.315. Upto 260cc: 1. M. Anoop 15.437.

Open: Foreign bikes (upto 501-750cc): A. Yuvaraj 11.937. 750cc & above: 1. Arun Patil 11.147.

Fastest times: Indian bikes: Javeed Khan 13.003. Foreign bikes: Mithun Vettath 10.542. Best tuner: Indian bikes: Javeed Khan. Foreign bikes: Mithun Vettath.

Cars: Open Pro-stock: Indian cars 1151-1450cc: 1. Nithin Sharma 17.352. Foreign cars: 4001cc & above: 1. Aditya Pathy (Toyota Supra) 12.751.

Open street stock: Foreign cars upto 3000cc: 1. Sharath Giri (BMW 325) 16.618. 4001cc & above: 1. Sharath Giri (Porsche 911) 13.567. Indian Open: 1. Shashidar (Honda City) 15.774.

Open unrestricted: 1. Shasidhar 15.747. INDRC Pro-stock: Indian cars 1151-1450cc: 1. D. Vidya Prakash (Maruti Esteem) 15.057; 2. D. Vijay Kumar (Martuti Esteem); 3. B. Vijay Kumar (Maruti Zen).

Upto 1650cc: 1. Vishnu Manjunathan (Honda City) 15.426. Upto 3000cc: 1. Sanjeev Patil (Maruti Esteem) 14.168. INDRC Pro-stock: Zen: Upto 1400cc: 1. C. Vasudevan 15.354. Upto 1600cc: 1. Siddarth 20.077.

INDRC Forced Induction: Indian cars 1101-140cc: 1. Sanjeev Patil 14.186 Upto 1600cc: 1. S. Jayanth 14.113.

INDRC Indian Open: 1. Arun Parikshat (Peugeot 309) 13.249; 2. Rajsekar Prabhu (Peugeot 309); 3. S. Jayanth (Maruti Esteem).

INDRC Pro-stock: Foreign cars upto 3000cc: 1. D. Vidya Prakash (Mazda Miata) 14.205. INDRC unrestricted class: 1. Rajsekar Prabhu (Peugeot 309) 13.422.

INDRC Pro stock diesel: Indian cars upto 2300cc: 1. Surendran Baskaran (Hyundai Verna) 17.228.

; 2. Ravinder Bopanna (Hyundai Verna); 3. D. Vidya Prakash (Hyundai Getz).

Fastest times: Indian cars: Arun Parikshat 13.249. Foreign cars: Ad5itya Pathy 12.751. Best tuner: Indian cars: Rajsekar Prabhu. Foreign cars: J. Anand.

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