FIH welcomes IOC’s decision

IANS Geneva 26 March 2020 04:22 IST
Updated: 25 March 2020 22:50 IST

International Hockey Federation (FIH) CEO Thierry Weil has welcomed the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Japanese authorities to postpone Tokyo Olympics to 2021.

“On behalf of FIH, I would like to thank and express our full support to the IOC, the Tokyo 2020 organising committee, the Japanese authorities and the Tokyo metropolitan government for the decision taken to postpone the Olympics to next year,” Weil said in a statement.

“This decision brings clarity to the global hockey community and I’m sure it is supported by all athletes.” who are currently facing important challenges to train at this unprecedented time,” he added.


Weil believed the message of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch that “Hope Lights Our Way” could not be more pertinent at this time while stressing that “the focus today is on staying at home to fight the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“We look forward to outstanding Olympic Games in Tokyo next year!“

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