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World Cup 2014 Final : Pre-match live chat


Welcome to The Hindu's FIFA 2014 World Cup final's pre-match live chat preview. Germany and Argentina clash for World Cup glory. Our panelists — Priyansh, N. Sudarshan, Shreedutta Chidananda, Ayon Sengupta, Arun Venugopal — are here to answer pretty much anything that may or may not have crossed your mind before the La Albiceleste and Die Mannschaft clash at the Estadio Maracana tonight...

Comment From sreeram

good idea. is brezil benifitted by hosting fifa world cup?

Priyansh: Financially, no. Infrastructurally, may be. Football-wise, NO!

Comment From Sudhamshu

Should Joachim Löw deviate from his (finally) stable formation to make one or two players mark Messi and reduce his influence? If so, who would get that role?

Priyansh: Schweinsteiger is expected to mark Messi. But he'll need help from Khedira and Kroos

Comment From Raghav

Do you think the German football team is like the South African cricket team. They have lost four times in the finals...this could be the fifth.

The Hindu: This is a good time for them to break the jink. Don't forget that they have been the most consistent team of all time.

Comment From Guest

Why Argentina and Brazil were fierce rivals. Any history?

Priyansh: Continental rivalry, primarily. Both have always laid a claim to being the better side in South America

Comment From SS

As usual, Germany has shown purpose and planning and team work, but it might yet be Messi's World Cup, this one.

Arun Venugopal: Who do you think could stop him from Germany, SS?

Comment From XX

team work or individual brilliance? Thats the question for tonight ...

Priyansh: That's quite unfair on Argentina, I think

Arun Venugopal: We could have the best of both the worlds, XX

N. Sudarshan: Ok. Question time. Which defenders have impressed this time. It has not been easy mind you. Lots of goals and pretty shoddy performances at the back

Arun Venugopal: Captain calm Phillip Lahm ever since he reverted to his right-back role

N. Sudarshan: Anybody for Giancarlo Gonzalez from Costa Rica? He has been brilliant i feel

Priyansh: Marcos Rojo, Stefan de Vrij and Hummels, among the semifinalists

Shreedutta Chidananda: Giancarlo Gonzalez looked good. Must confess I hadn't heard of him before the World Cup.

Shreedutta Chidananda: Mario Yepes was surprisingly good, too.

The Hindu: How about Gary Medel, Sudarshan?

N. Sudarshan: Anybody for Vlaar?

The Hindu: Takers for Rafael Marquez?

Comment From keerthi

Guys..Gr8 chat..Hope it would be open n exciting match..Pls, do this stuff for Champions League too.

Comment From Saurabh

Great effort Hindu

The Hindu: Okay guys. Time to say adios or auf wiedersehen (just to be politically correct). Whatever transpires at the Maracana, one thing that's for sure is that we will have a new World Champion. And not to mention a very groggy head on Monday morning. Thank you Arun Venugopal, Shreedutta Chidananda, Priyansh, N. Sudarshan, and Ayon Sengupta for participating in this conversation. Go La Albiceleste. Go Die Mannschaft. Oh. And go football..

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