India vs Australia (Day 3) - As it happened

Australia's Mitchell Starc celebrates with his teammates after taking a wicket against India on the second day at the WACA ground in Perth on Saturday.

Australia's Mitchell Starc celebrates with his teammates after taking a wicket against India on the second day at the WACA ground in Perth on Saturday.   | Photo Credit: Theron Kirkman


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Sorry Indian fans. Once again a disappointing performance from the team. We will meet you once again with the live updates for the final Test which starts on January 24 at Adelaide. Will India make it 3-1? We will wait and see. It is the seventh continuous defeat for India abroad following the 4-0 defeat to the England team.

What is happening to the Indian team? They could not even stay on the field for full three days. This match is over in 2 days and one session. Australia are out in flash to take the final four wickets in under four overs after lunch.

Melbourne, Sydney and Perth - all convincing victories for the Australian team. Led by their pacemen Australia just demoralised the Indian batting line-up in all the three Tests. Ben Hilfenhaus till now has taken 23 wicket and once again a four wicket haul for him. The match is over in just three days. Australia leads the series 3-0 with one more Test to go.

10.55 What's happening here is a mere shocker for the Indian fans. The famed Indian batting line-up once again couldn't withstand the pressure. Siddle continues the next over with Kohli on strike. Siddle gets the final wicket that too of Kohli and a series win that too by an innings and 37 runs.

Still one ball to go. Will Hilfenhaus takes the final Indian wicket in this over? Umesh Yadav is the last man to come. Umesh survives the last ball from Hilfenhaus. and it is 171 for 9.

Hilfenhaus on a hat-trick. Beautiful bowling from Hilfenhaus and Ishant survives the hat-trick. The ball whistles past the outside edge of Ishant. And it is out again. A simple catch to the short-leg fielder and Hilfenhaus strikes once again in this over. Ed Cowan takes a simple catch from Ishant Sharma and it is 171 for 9.

Australia on verge of completing an innings-victory with three more wickets to go. Zaheer Khan is the new man in. HIlfenhaus strikes with his next ball. The ball pitches short on the off-stump and Zaheer just nudges the ball once again to Michael Clarke in the first slip. That's two in two for Hilfenhaus, the highest wicket taker in the series. India in shambles at 171 for 8. Lucky lunch break for the Australians. Kohli strands at the other end at 75 not out.

10.50 India still trails by 37 runs and will they make Australia play again, we will wait and see. Hilfenhaus strike with the first ball of the next over. Vinay Kumar tries to play and gets the edge and the ball went straight to the skipper Michael Clarke in the first slip. India 171 for 7.

10.45 Siddle continues and Kohli on strike. Kohli plays the first ball stright to the mid-on fielder. no run taken. A wider delivery and Kohli just leaves the ball for Haddin to do the rest. The ball pitches outside the off stump and goes further away. Kohli just pats the ball on the on-side and takes a couple and moves on to 71 and India to 167 for 6. Lovely shot from Kohli. Pitched on the leg side Kohli whips the ball through the mid-wicket area for a boundary and races to 75. India moves to 171 for 6.

10.40 The players are at the centre. Vinay Kumar is on strike with Hilfenhaus to start the proceedings. A bouncer to start with. India remains at 165 for 6 as Vinay Kumar staves off Hilfenhaus over.

Lalitha & Sankaran say from USA "It is quite unfortunate what our team has accomplished in Australia. What a pity. India with a huge population and thousands of cricket players, our selectors have done a very poor job. Except few players all others have failed and I wonder do they even deserve to play in Test cricket! It reflects on the team, individuals and the country. I wish our selectors (may be they need a change as well) do a better job next time. As a team we have failed in every aspect.

Welcme to the post-lunch session of the third day of the third Test between India and Australia. India looks down the barrel and Australia on the verge of winning the series.

Indians started the day with 88 for 4 and lost two valuable wickets of Dravid and Dhoni. Virat Kohli is playing beautifully and is on 69. India at >lunch are 165 for 6 with Virat Kohli on 69 and Vinay Kumar on 6. Eventful pre-lunch session. Can Kohli hold on the fort with the long tail wagging? India still trails by 43 runs and 4 wickets to go. Let us watch after lunch and we will be here after lunch to take you through the match.

Siddle continues with Kohli on strike. It will be the last over before lunch. Wonderful delivery from Siddle which beats Kohli. Another beauty from Siddle which just misses the edge of Kohli's bat. Excellent stuff from Siddle. Excellent over from Siddle and it is lunch.

10.00 Hilfenhaus continues and Kohli glances the first ball to a single and moves to 69. Vinay Kumar on strike and will Hilfenhaus attack the tail-ender? Three more deliveries to go. Good defensive shot from Vinay Kumar. Beautiful shot from Vinay Kumar and the ball races to the boundary like a bullet and it is 165 for 6.

9.55 Siddle bowls a beauty to start the over to Vinay Kumar. Will the tail-enders be there with Kohli till he reaches his century? Nice confident defensive shot from Vinay Kumar. Beautiful shot from Vinay Kumar through the covers and takes two runs. Wide delivery from Siddle and it is 160 for 6. Beautiful delivery to end the over.

9.50 Hilfenhaus starts with a wide and the next ball Kohli places it well on the off-side and the ball races to the boundary. India moves to 153 for 6. Kohli moves to 64. Lovely shot through the covers for a four. The Indians move to 157 for 6 with Kohli batting on 68 and Vinay Kumar on 0.

Vinay Kumar plays safely the last two balls from Siddle.

9.45 Siddle continues with Dhoni on strike. It is once again a poor shot selection from the Indian captain. Siddle induces Dhoni on the drive and the ball takes the outside edge and a very good catch taken by Ricky Ponting in the slips. India loses their sixth wicket and it is 148 for 6. Dhoni's poor form in this series continues.

9.40 Hilfenhaus into the attack. Kohli on strike. The score remains at 148 for 5.

9.35 Still 65 runs to go. It is Siddle into the attack and Kohli on strike. Kohli drives through the covers and takes two runs and he moves on to 57. Kohli whips the ball through the on-side this time and takes another couple. Again on the pads and Kohli plays it on the leg side for a single and it is 148 for 5. Kohli moves to 60.

9.30 Kohli plays the first ball from Harris to the fine-leg and runs a single (it is a leg-bye). Swinging one to Dhoni and he tries to play on the onside but wraps on the pad. Another good delivery, Dhoni glances the ball to the fine-leg for two leg-byes. Harris induces Dhoni outside the off-stump to drive but the ball misses the outside edge. It is 143 for 5.

9.25 With the wicket of Dravid, will the Australian bowlers skittle out India by taking the remaining wickets. Kohli plays the first of Starc's over through the off-side and takes three runs. Dhoni on strike with Stard fires in the next delivery and the ball just misses the outside edge of Dhoni. Good solid defence from Dhoni. Dhoni runs quickly and the overthrow fetches him two runs and he opens his account with this two runs. At the end of 52 over it is 140 for 5 with Dhoni on 2 and Kohli on 55.

The Indian captain M.S. Dhoni comes to the crease. Will he play his natural aggressive game or play a waiting game? No more damage done and it's 135 for 5.

9.20 Harris continues and it is Dravid on strike. It is really hard work for the Australian bowlers in the hot and humid conditions at Perth. Harris once again probes Dravid outside the off-stump but Dravid is up to the mark. Beautifully bowled delivery from Harris and Dravid is bowled. The ball pitches up and a full length delivery and once again Dravid is bowled. and it is 135 for 5. The breakthrough Australia needs having toiled for one full hour.

9.15 Starc continues and it is Dravid on strike. Dravid plays his waiting game to near perfection. Wonderful stuff from Starc. Starc brings the ball by changing his angle and hits Dravid's bat and pad and he escapes. Beautiful straight drive from Dravid and the ball races past the mid-on fielder for a four and he moves to 46 and it's 134 for 4. Dravid plays his natural leg-glance and takes a single and moves to 47. End of Starc's over and it;s 135 for 4 and India trails by 73 runs.

9.10 Kohli silences his critics with his excellent batting in both the innings. But he has to play a big knock this time around. Harris opens the over with two wide deliveries outside the off-stump and Dravid has no problem by leaving those to the keeper. Michale Clarke seems to continue his tactics by shuffling the bowlers around. Dravid just taps the ball to the off-side and takes a very quick single and moves on to 42 and it is 130 for four (India trails by 78 runs). Excellent delivery from Harris. The ball cutting in and leaves Kohli surprised. India remains at 130 for four.

9.00 A pretty ordinary over from Ryan Harris ends. Starts with two wide deliveries outside off which Kohli leaves well alone. Drifts on to the pads, and in generally all over the place. Kohli reaches his third Test fifty and he is on 52 and it is 129 for 4. Good delivery to end the over and it is drinks. At the end of 48 overs it is 129 for 4 with Kohli on 52 and Dravid on 41.

8.57 Starc continues and Dravid on strike. Starc surprises Dravid with a ball which kept too low and through to Keeper Haddin. Very good leave by DRavid and good over from STarc. It's 122 for 4.

8.55 Siddle continues and Kohli on strike. Beautiful ball from Siddle but Kohli equally to the task, cuts the ball through the gully fielders and races to the boundary. Kohli moves to 43. Very good drive from Kohli and beats the mid-off fielder and takes two runs. At the end of 45 overs it is 122 for 4.

8.50 Starc continues and Dravid on strike. Very good delivery from Starc and Dravid plays it well to defend it. Very good over from Starc and it is a maiden and India remains at 116 for 4.

8.45 Siddle continues and Kohli on strike. Kohli taps the ball on the on-side for couple of runs and moves on 39. The next ball hurries into Kohli but he plays in safely on to the ground. Good delivery to end the over and it's 116 for 4. India still 92 runs behind.

8.40 Mitchell Starc into the attack. Kohli on strike. Good solid defence from Kohli. A beauty from Starc and Kohli leaves it to the keeper Haddin. Starc appeals for an LBW but Kumar Dharmasena says no. The ball pitching in line just misses the leg stump. Kohli takes a single of the last ball. At the end of 42 overs it is 114 for 4 with Dravid on 41 and Kohli on 37

8.35 Clarke brings in Peter Siddle into the attack. Siddle starts with a fuller length ball to Kohli. A wide delivery outside the off-stump and Kohli has no problems whatsoever to leave it alone to the keeper. Both Kohli and Dravid are playing a waiting game. Their shot selection is very good in this innings. One hopes that young Virat Kohli has come out with a determination. Kohli glances the ball on the leg-side and takes a single and it is 113 for 4.

8.30 Harris continues and Kohli takes a quick single of the first ball and moves to 36. It's 112 for 4. Beautiful delivery by Harris drawing Dravid into the drive and the ball misses the bat by inches. Another wonderful from Harris. It's 112 for 4.

8.27 Dravid plays a wonderful shot on the off-side of Hilfenhaus and takes three runs. Kohli taps the ball on the onside and takes three runs and it's Nelson for 4. India trails still by 97 runs.

8.25 Harris continues with Kohli on strike. Harris surprises Kohli with a good short ball and it hits the bat and races to the boundary Lucky break for Kohli. AT the end of 38 overs it is 105 for 4 with Dravid on 38 and Kohli on 32.

8.20 Hilfenhaus continues and Kohli punches on the off-side and takes a couple to take him to 27. Kohli nicely taps the ball and takes a quick single and it's 97 for 4. Very good bowling from Hilfenhaus to Dravid probing outside the off-stump. Dravid cuts the ball powerfully and the ball races to the boundary and it's 101 for 4.

8.15 Harris into the attack and Kohli on strike. India trails by 117 runs now. Kohli whipls the ball on the leg-side and takes a couple and moves on to 24 and India to 93 for 4. (lead by 115 runs). Another one on the leg-side, Kohli takes a single to take India to 94 for 4. At the end of 36 overs it is 94 for 4.

8.10 Hilfenhaus continues and Dravid on strike. Good shot but straight to Hussey at point. Dravid pats the ball to the point fielder with soft hands and takes a single. It's 90 for 4 and Dravid moves to 34. Kohli and Dravid takes a quick single off the last ball and it's 91 for 4.

8.05 Harris continues from the other end and begins his over with a good delivery, surprises Dravid with the swing. Another beauty from Harris. Dravid hurries and the ball beats his bat and stumps to go through to the keeper. Dravid drives the ball to the leg side for the first run of the morning and it's 89 for 4.

8.00 Players are out at the centre. HIlfenhaus starts the proceedings. The leading wicket-taker in the series bowls to Kohli. Hilfenhaus probes Kohli outside the off-stump. Good first over from Hilfenhaus and India remains at 88 for 4.

Warm day at WACA, Perth. Play is about to start.

Day Three. Will Dravid and Kohli put a big partnership to bail out India from trouble or will we see the same old story again as we saw in Melbourne and Sydney. Wait till 8.00 a.m IST when the match starts. Will India pull off a miracle at Perth?

At the end of >Day 2 India were 88 for 4 and still trails Australia by 120 runs. Dravid on 32 and Kohli on 21 are at the crease.

Once again the Indian batsmen succumbed to the Australian onslaught by losing four wickets for just 51 with Gambhir, Sehwag, Tendulkar and Laxman back into the pavilion. Dravid and Kohli then brought India to safety without losing another wicket to 88. >Mitchell Starc struck two telling blows by removing Tendulkar and Gambhir.

>Day Two. At the start of the match it was once again dominated by Warner and Cowan who continued their onslaught and went on to put a two hundred partnership. The opening partnership fetched 214 and Indian bowlers dominated and restricted to a score of 369 and the lead was 208 runs.

Good morning everybody. The first two days has been dominated by the bowlers. >First day the Indian batsmen could score only a meagre 161 with Hilfenhaus taking 4 wickets. Then the final session of >Day 1 was dominated by David Warner with a bludgeoning century and they finished Day 1 at 149 for no loss.

Welcome to the live updates of Day 3 of the third Test match between India and Australia.

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