Lower order fails to save India blushes

Welcome to the live updates of the second ODI between India and New Zealand at the Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi on Thursday. India leads the five-match series 1-0.


And the series is kept alive as New Zealand equalises.

Did India really have a chance in this match? Rephrasing: did India ever deserve a chance in that match after losing the top four within the 20th over and then losing the momentum built up by the top-scorer Kedhar Jadhav, who shared a 66-run partnership with India captain M.S. Dhoni, notwithstanding the late burst from Umesh Yadav and Hardik Pandya? The answer you give to that question might indicate how passionate a fan you are of the Indian team. But, brilliant stuff from Trent Boult (2/25) and Tim Southee (3/52), whose economy rates tell the tale.

Earlier, Kane Williamson was the singular batsman to hold his own as the Kiwi battled the skill of Jasprit Bumrah and the wiles of Indian spinners Amit Mishra and Axar Patel. His century was the telling difference between how the two teams handled the wicket, which did not particularly ease out in the second half of the day like Dhoni had anticipated.

India captain MS Dhoni has praise for Jasprit Bumrah but is taking the absence of dew in his stride.

New Zealand captain and Man of the Match Kane Williamson feels the bowling made a huge impact in today's match. Yes, of course. But how about your 8th ODI century in a game when no one else even crossed fifty? There is much humility behind that beard. Much humility.

50th over (236 || U Yadav 18 off 23 || India loses by 6 runs): Right. Southee is an accomplished death bowler. Umesh has a few first-class scores under his belt. But a 30 on this world stage will count for so much more than all those innings put together, I suspect. He drills it out to Long-on for a two, and another for a single to Mid-off. But the next delivery, Jasprit Bumrah gets a wallop of his own medicine, as he is yorked bowled off his first ball, and India's last this match. That's the end then, with 3 deliveries still left.

49th over (232/8 || J Bumrah 0 off 0 | U Yadav 15 off 21 || need 10 from 6 balls): Now, Boult with his final roll of his dice/arm. Umesh has quite the vicious cut-shot in his armoury. And now, Pandya has smacked it away to the boundary low for a four through Mid-off. Keeps out one more yorker. And then, Pandya (36 off 32) has holed out.

48th over (227/8 || H Pandya 32 off 28 | U Yadav 13 off 19 || need 16 from 12 balls): Henry now with his final over. Pandya digs one out of the blockhole as Umesh cuts hard. This is one-heck of a 9th-wicket partnership for India, as it needs 6 fewer runs than it did last over and as many wickets intact.

47th over (221/8 || H Pandya 30 off 26 | U Yadav 9 off 15 || need 21 from 18 balls): All of a sudden, a constant roar is floating among the crowd, as Southee bowls a wide, Pandya steals a run, Yadav slashes hard for one, virtually anything. All this game needs now is a streaker. This is now a 60-run partnership; nearly what Dhoni and Jadhav managed a while earlier.

46th over (212/8 || H Pandya 24 off 22 | U Yadav 8 off 13 || need 30 from 24 balls): Now Pandya has virtually kicked one away for four leg-byes through Third-man. And two more misfields the next delivery give India some more leeway. Tense situation, this. And it shows in how the ball is bouncing out of the Kiwi fielders' palms.

45th over (204/8 || H Pandya 19 off 17 | U Yadav 7 off 11 || need 39 from 30 balls): Umesh Yadav swings at a good-length delivery now to take India past 200 — a real hoick in Cow-corner direction for four. And India amass 9 runs off that one. That helps matters for the hosts a bit. Quite a topsy-turvy match this; shows how impactful small incidents can be in a moderate-scoring match.

44th over (195/8 || H Pandya 16 off 14 | U Yadav 2 off 9 || need 48 from 36 balls): The batsmen have been testing the fates with some indecisive running between the wickets. And with Pandya looking to farm the strike, it is even tougher to rotate strike. Just 2 runs off that Boult over. RRR is 8-an-over now.

43rd over (193/8 || H Pandya 15 off 10 | U Yadav 1 off 7 || need 50 from 42 balls): Pandya slashes at a shortish wide-ish one from Henry, and some brilliant work at the boundary rope isn't able to save four runs.

42nd over (185/8 || H Pandya 8 off 5 | U Yadav 0 off 5 || need 58 from 48 balls): And the tedious work done, Boult is brought back on. And bowls out a 1-run over. Required run-rate, just in case you're still interested, is 7.25 per over.

41st over (184/8 || H Pandya 7 off 4 | U Yadav 0 off 1 || need 59 from 54 balls):Martin Guptill has been given the ball now. And now, there goes Axar Patel (17 off 22), slogging a rank full-toss down Long-on's throat. Well, this is the penalty India pays for the loss of early wickets and its dawdling-in-the-name-of-rebuilding after Jadhav's wicket. And a few balls later, India lose their eighth wicket with Amit Mishra (1 off 3) looking to slog-sweep with the turn, but getting a healthy top-edge straight up to be caught at Short Third-man. Well, this looks like the end for India, but for the plump damsel. What a decision to bring on Guptill, entice the lower-order batsmen and induce the risky shots.

40th over (178/6 || H Pandya 6 off 3 | A Patel 17 off 21 || need 63 from 60 balls): Dhoni (39 off 65) has now chipped it back to Southee, who takes a blinding low catch while falling. And this has got to be a huge blow for India. With the captain goes the sheet-anchor, finisher, and morale-booster. Hardik Pandya is in to try and finish with Axar. And the right-hander smacks the final delivery to the boundary for four through the covers with the sweetest timing in the last many overs.

39th over (169/5 || MS Dhoni 37 off 63 | A Patel 16 off 20 || need 74 from 66 balls): Dhoni is still not able to loft his shots properly. Woah, Axar Patel heaves a six over cow corner. That should help the RRR somewhat.

38th over (161/5 || MS Dhoni 36 off 60 | A Patel 9 off 17 || need 82 from 72 balls): Just 2 runs off the Southee over. It's not like Dhoni has coiled up to unleash later; he has been giving the occasional delivery the almight swipe, but missing.

37th over (159/5 || MS Dhoni 35 off 57 | A Patel 8 off 14 || need 84 from 78 balls): Santner has looked a different man altogether after Jadhav's exeunt. Drawing Dhoni forward, beating his bat, forcing him to defend. RRR is nearly 6.5 runs per over now.

36th over (156/5 || MS Dhoni 34 off 52 | A Patel 7 off 13 || need 87 from 84 balls): Oh oh. That bounce does not bode well for a chase. Dhoni swings at a wide one that should have ended up in the stands, but it goes right under the bat. Dhoni and Axar manage to get 7 runs that over, including the wide, though.

35th over (149/5 || MS Dhoni 30 off 48 | A Patel 5 off 11 || need 94 from 90 balls): Just 2 runs off that over by Devcich. The ask is mounting, here. Just saying.

34th over (147/5 || MS Dhoni 29 off 44 | A Patel 4 off 9 || need 96 from 96 balls): Dhoni will now have to look to get at least one boundary in every now and then. But he appears content to nudge the ball around for the singles. And the require run-rate has crept up to six-per-over. Just like that.

33rd over (143/5 || MS Dhoni 27 off 41 | A Patel 2 off 6 || need 100 from 102 balls): And Santner comes back, with the danger-man Jadhav back in the pavillion. Bowls out a 2-run over. What a shock this must be for the Indian dugout. Just an over ago, it looked like a cynch. Now, all of a sudden, you have an unreliable Axar Patel and a dwindling Dhoni at the crease with 100 runs to get in almost as many balls.

32nd over (141/5 || MS Dhoni 26 off 37 | A Patel 1 off 4 || need 102 from 108 balls):Disappointing end for Kedhar Jadhav (41 off 37) here, as he tries to nurdle a full delivery down Third-man for some reason, and gets a thin edge through to Ronchi behind the wickets. It's now up to Dhoni to steer what could be a tricky chase hereon.

31st over (139/4 || MS Dhoni 25 off 36 | K Jadhav 41 off 36 || need 104 from 114 balls): Devcich varied his lengths this over, and is rewarded with a 5-run outgo.

30th over (134/4 || MS Dhoni 23 off 34 | K Jadhav 38 off 32 || need 109 from 120 balls): Henry is studiously bowling back-of-length. And Dhoni needs no more encouragement, as he rocks back and pulls it away for four right from the meat of his giant bat. He must have been feeling left out of this 65-run partnership that Jadhav has been dominating 45-25. 7 off the over.

29th over (127/4 || MS Dhoni 19 off 31 | K Jadhav 35 off 29 || need 116 from 126 balls): Boult is bowling a different wicket altogether. He has bowled 6 overs for 11 runs, 1 wicket and 2 maidens. Just 4 runs this over.

28th over (123/4 || MS Dhoni 18 off 28 | K Jadhav 32 off 26 || need 120 from 132 balls): And Jadhav gets going once more this over. Spin really is his thing. Santner is despatched over Extra Cover for a loopy six and then then hooks the ball down to Fine-leg for four.

27th over (110/4 || MS Dhoni 16 off 25 | K Jadhav 21 off 23 || need 133 from 138 balls): Ah. Boult. The one streak of light in the dark path the Kiwis are looking down this match. Good length, short ones, slower ones, all in the bag, and just 2 runs come off the over.

26th over (108/4 || MS Dhoni 15 off 21 | K Jadhav 20 off 21 || need 135 from 144 balls): Jadhav is getting his swing going here, rocking back and walloping one from Santner over the Midwicket boundary for six. And now Dhoni too hangs back and slashes it for four through Point. Hmm, looks like short-of-length is definitely going to be punished tonight.

25th over (97/4 || MS Dhoni 11 off 19 | K Jadhav 13 off 17 || need 146 from 150 balls): Henry is bowling short here. Is that a good tactic, given the low bounce on the wicket? Seems effective enough, though, this over. Just the two off it.

24th over (95/4 || MS Dhoni 10 off 16 | K Jadhav 12 off 14 || need 148 from 156 balls): Jadhav has swept Devcich nicely front of square, reading the arm-ball well. Immediately, the bowler is forced to shift his line outside off-stump.

23rd over (87/4 || MS Dhoni 8 off 14 | K Jadhav 6 off 10 || need 156 from 162 balls): There is scant bounce on this wicket, and Henry learns that the hard way as he tries to bang in in short but catches Dhoni's swivelling bat around chest-height and ends up going to the on-side boundary for four.

22nd over (81/4 || MS Dhoni 3 off 9 | K Jadhav 5 off 9 || need 162 from 168 balls): Santner has a devious drifting arm-ball. Dhoni misses that altogether and can thank his forward advance for the rejection of the LBW appeal.

21th over (76/4 || MS Dhoni 1 off 5 | K Jadhav 2 off 7 || need 167 from 174 balls): Southee is sticking to that tantalising length between short and good length. Jadhav has to let them go. Run-rate will start to become a factor soon.

20th over (74/4 || MS Dhoni 0 off 4 | K Jadhav 1 off 2): Pandey (19 off 25) has run into a bit of trouble here at the striker's end as Ronchi takes the bails off after a brilliant throw from Santner, who was fielding at Square-leg. And he is gone.

19th over (72/3 || M Pandey 18 off 23 | MS Dhoni 0 off 2): Southee is such a great bowler of the full screamers that Rahane almost didn't expect that short riser. He pulls it but gets an awkward edge. Did Corey Anderson take that or did it bounce just short of him at Fine-leg? Rahane in some trouble here as the Third Umpire weighs the legality of the catch. And Rahane (28 off 49) is gone, says the grand adjudicator. And the captain is in.

18th over (69/2 || M Pandey 16 off 21 | A Rahane 27 off 47): A great over from Santner here, as he slides some very slow and tricky deliveries in on and around the off-stump. Tough channel to negotiate such drift in.

17th over (68/2 || M Pandey 15 off 19 | A Rahane 27 off 43): And Southee comes back on to add some pace. And immediately, Rahane seems more at ease, swatting a four through Long-off. Southee gets some tough slower deliveries in along with yorkers.

16th over (62/2 || M Pandey 14 off 16 | A Rahane 22 off 40): Santner is looking more in control of his spin and the track. Getting the flat ones in too, just for variety. 5 off the over.

15th over (57/2 || M Pandey 12 off 13 | A Rahane 19 off 37): Oops. That's the risk with spinners. Once in a while, given the difficulty of imparting flight, the batsmen can expect a half-tracker. And Manish Pandey helps himself to a six over Deep-midwicket.

14th over (48/2 || M Pandey 5 off 10 | A Rahane 17 off 34): Santner and Devcich have got a nice little bowling partnership going here as the Kiwis are putting their faith in spin. Just 2 runs off that over as the left-arm spinner sends down some great drift with a lot of loop.

13th over (46/2 || M Pandey 4 off 6 | A Rahane 16 off 32): Devcich has turned to the flat deliveries now. Gets an LBW appeal in, but Rahane has little to worry as the left-armer's around-the-wicket angle works against him.

12th over (41/2 || M Pandey 1 off 2 | A Rahane 15 off 20): Mitchell Santner is brought on. And he is getting some turn here. Enough to fool Kohli (9 off 13) as he plays for the turn but ends up edging the delivery down the leg-side to the 'keeper. Manish Pandey comes in and negotiates the deviation just fine.

11th over (39/1 || V Kohli 9 off 11 | A Rahane 14 off 28): Devcich is trying to deal in yorkers, like if Bumrah were a spinner, here. He's not getting them in as often though, missing a couple down leg. But the Indian batsmen are able to predict the length now and work it across the leg-side for singles.

10th over (35/1 || V Kohli 8 off 9 | A Rahane 12 off 24): Henry working in the slower ones here. Pegging the scoring rate back, and exhorting running mix-ups, like the one Kohli gets into after working it down to Fine-leg and refusing Rahane's call. Kohli gets the final delivery away for four.

9th over (29/1 || V Kohli 3 off 4 | A Rahane 11 off 23): Southee getting some movement off the deck here. Would have been a great over, but Rahane gets a thick edge down for four to the Third-man boundary off the penultimate delivery.

8th over (22/1 || V Kohli 1 off 1 | A Rahane 6 off 20): And Rohit (15 off 27) won't be participating any more in this chase, as he nicks an off-cutter behind and feels a twinge in his bicep immediately after.

7th over (20/0 || R Sharma 14 off 25 | A Rahane 6 off 16): Time Southee brought on. Bowls a quiet over to Rohit. New Zealand must look to focus on variations on this wicket, which offers just the right degree of unpredictability to keep the batsmen on their toes.

6th over (18/0 || R Sharma 12 off 20 | A Rahane 6 off 16): Boult offers a different ball game altogether, varying his length and pace, and throwing the bouncer in at the best possible time. A maiden over

5th over (18/0 || R Sharma 12 off 20 | A Rahane 6 off 10): Rohit Sharma has got going finally, and how. With a six, lofted over Long-on, and a four, carressed through the covers on the up. Matt Henry's commendable figures just got dented.

And that is something of an improvement for New Zealand from the previous game, although it replicated a similar decline. After Martin Guptill's early departure, Kane Williamson and Tom Latham had notched up a healthy century partnership, with the captain even going on to complete his 8th ODI century. But the spinners, led once again by Amit Mishra (3/60), and a masterful display of death bowling from Jasprit Bumrah ensured the touring party ended up at 242/9 — far short of the 280-plus score they would have aimed for on this wicket, which does have a few juice issues, when you come to think about it.

50th over (242/9 || M Santner 9 off 16 | T Boult 5 off 4): Bumrah again. Victim, this time: Henry (6 off 12). And here I thought he did superbly to keep the previous delivery, another searing yorker, out of his woodwork. This lanky Gujarati is something else, really. Anyone know where Malinga's breakfast has been going? Boult gets an edge through to the Third-man boundary for four.

49th over (237/8 || M Santner 9 off 16 | M Henry 6 off 19): The pitch is acting funnier and funnier as balls drop and roll like there is a fire. At Umesh's pace, this sort of thing can spell doom for your shins and ankles.

48th over (233/8 || M Santner 7 off 12 | M Henry 4 off 8): Bumrah is too heavy for the best of batsmen. What can the likes of Santner and Henry do against his searing fuller ones and deceptive slower ones, except trickle a couple singles here and there?

47th over (229/8 || M Santner 5 off 10 | M Henry 2 off 4): Just four runs off the Umesh over as New Zealand are ambling towards 250 odd here. After a Williamson century, would you believe it.

46th over (225/8 || M Santner 3 off 7 | M Henry 0 off 1): Devcich (7 off 6) now goes too, to a daredevil of a catch by Axar Patel behind square to a slower delivery from Bumrah. Things can only get better from here for the Kiwis. Oh, wait, think again. Tim Southee (0 off 2) comes, plays all over a yorker that somehow misses his leg stump, and then plays all around another yorker that breaks his off stump. This is now turning out to be yet another ninepins show from the Kiwis today.

45th over (224/6 || M Santner 2 off 5 | A Devcich 7 off 5): And Mishra troubling the debutant Anton Devcich with his wily variations here. A flat delivery here. A googly there. Devilish bowling.

44th over (217/6 || M Santner 1 off 3 | A Devcich 1 off 1): That's a bad break for New Zealand here. Luke Ronchi (6 off 10) got a rank bad ball outside off from Axar Patel, but couldn't make any sort of decent contact with the slog, and is caught behind. Even 250 looks difficult now with batsmen falling like ninepins.

43rd over (215/5 || M Santner 0 off 0 | L Ronchi 6 off 8):Oops. Wrong wicket to fall. Williamson (118 off 128) goes a-slogging as Mishra tosses it up and Ajinkya Rahane pouches it safely running along the straight boundary.

42nd over (209/4 || K Williamson 113 off 123 | L Ronchi 1 off 1): A quiet over. The Kiwis can't afford these. They need to get a move on here, but their hardest hitters so far have found the going tough. Williamson, however, has seemed at ease. Can he accelerate now and push the Kiwis past 260 hereon?

41st over (205/4 || K Williamson 113 off 123 | L Ronchi 1 off 1): Anderson has looked defunct for the past few overs now, and suffers a huge LBW appeal first ball (which he survives) of Mishra's over (which he does not survive). The fifth delivery, an Afridi-esque flipper, raps the southpaw (21 off 32) on both pads this time, and that is plumb enough, though it had an outside chance of bat.

40th over (202/3 || K Williamson 112 off 122 | C Anderson 20 off 28): Now Umesh mixing it up with pace, line and length. Anderson still can't get any away, as the Kiwis enter their final 10 overs.

39th over (198/3 || K Williamson 110 off 119 | C Anderson 18 off 25): Anderson finding Bumrah a bit harder to hit than he might the spinners. Unable to middle or muscle anything away.

38th over (193/3 || K Williamson 108 off 117 | C Anderson 15 off 21): Williamson lofts Pandya now for a four over Mid-on infield. He is looking to get teh innings up to around 270-off, is the New Zealand captain.

37th over (188/3 || K Williamson 103 off 111 | C Anderson 15 off 21): It is as though Anderson was just biding his time so as not to steal his captain's thunder, as he gets going right away with a boundary four slogged through Midwicket off Mishra's first delivery. Replays show Mishra may be attempting off-breaks to make the left-hander play against the turn. How about a Googly, mate?

36th over (178/3 || K Williamson 101 off 109 | C Anderson 9 off 17): Oh oh. The Kiwi captain seems to be having trouble with his hand. A medico is out there and massaging his left arm. Is this bad news for New Zealand? Not likely, as he strikes Bumrah through the covers to get his 8th ODI century , cramps or not. New Zealand's first ton this series.

35th over (176/3 || K Williamson 98 off 104 | C Anderson 8 off 16): Williamson, quietly advancing to his eighth ODI hundred, sweeps Mishra powerfully to the Square-leg boundary and, with a few more singles, moves to 98.

34th over (169/3 || K Williamson 92 off 100 | C Anderson 7 off 14): Umesh getting a few dot balls in here as the batsmen look to restabilise. The final delivery, though, is uppishly played by Anderson through the covers for four.

33rd over (165/3 || K Williamson 92 off 100 | C Anderson 3 off 8): Jadhav bowls a few plain deliveries, a couple of which keep low, and a single is taken off every ball. And it'll be a drinks break.

32nd over (159/3 || K Williamson 89 off 97 | C Anderson 0 off 5): Umesh Yadav is back on for his fourth over with a slip in place for the left-handed Corey Anderson. This strong southpaw can change the course of a match, but begins watchfully today, shouldering arms to three of his first five deliveries faced.

31st over (158/3 || K Williamson 88 off 96 | C Anderson 0 off 0): Taylor (21 off 42) struggling to get himself going. Swipes and edges, swipes and misses, and finally swipes and finds the fielder at the Midwicket boundary as Mishra strikes.

30th over (156/2 || K Williamson 87 off 94 | R Taylor 20 off 38): Oh, the Kiwis are getting antsy here, going for singles even as the bowler swoops down on the ball and misses the shy at the stumps. Taylor now swats one over the Midwicket infield, but it's a weak shot and does not go past the sweeper. But, for all his intent and effort, he does get one away for four through Point with a sweet cover-push shot.

29th over (147/2 || K Williamson 86 off 93 | R Taylor 12 off 33): A quiet over from Mishra as he troubles the batsmen with full lengths. The Kiwi captain inching towards the nineties though.

28th over (143/2 || K Williamson 84 off 90 | R Taylor 10 off 30): Pandya is hoicked for a top-edged four over Fine-leg as Williamson looks to get the scoring rate moving again. The Kiwis need to figure out how to get the run-rate flowing; Rahane fires in a direct hit from Point but the single-stump strike is no cigar as Taylor leans back into the crease.

27th over (138/2 || K Williamson 79 off 88 | R Taylor 10 off 26): Axar on point again with a meagre over full of tight line and length.

26th over (136/2 || K Williamson 78 off 87 | R Taylor 9 off 21): Taylor finally gets one to the boundary for four with an ugly swipe from outside off from the second delivery of the Pandya over.

25th over (131/2 || K Williamson 78 off 86 | R Taylor 4 off 16): Another quiet over here. The Latham wicket seems to have put the Kiwis in a bit of a defensive mode, as Axar bowls out a quiet 4-run over.

24th over (127/2 || K Williamson 75 off 83 | R Taylor 3 off 12): Bumrah trying to upset the momentum the Kiwis have got going here. He trips Williamson up with a full delivery on the legs, following it up with a short one outside off, and another yorker that Williamson couldn't have driven if it were a three-wheeled toy car. The one shot that Williamson gets off the pitch, Kohli swoops down on and narrowly misses the stumps. Just the 1 run and 5 great balls off it.

23rd over (126/2 || K Williamson 74 off 79 | R Taylor 3 off 11): Here's a good opportunity for the spinners to work their way back into this game, with Taylor new at the crease. Axar continues to mix it up with his pace and lengths. Just 3 more off the over.

22nd over (123/2 || K Williamson 72 off 77 | R Taylor 2 off 7): Hello, there seem to be some soft spots in the pitch today, as one keeps low from Bumrah and takes an under-edge from Ross Taylor's attempted square-cut, narrowly missing the stumps.

21st over (120/2 || K Williamson 71 off 75 | R Taylor 0 off 3):Kedhar Jadhav gets to roll his arm over now. Begins with a half-tracker that is pulled for four. But hello! He has broken through here, trapping Latham (46 from 46). LBW. This guy seems to have carried his golden arm over from the previous match.

20th over (115/1 || K Williamson 66 off 73 | T Latham 46 off 45):Williamson giving Axar the treatment here. An exquisite four played on the up through the covers is followed up with a confident sweep-shot that takes a brilliant dive from Pandya to save the boundary at Deep-midwicket.

19th over (108/1 || K Williamson 59 off 69 | T Latham 46 off 43): Mishra flighting generously now. Courageous given he has been lofted with the turn twice today already. Latham ends the Mishra over with a superb four through the covers.

18th over (102/1 || K Williamson 58 off 68 | T Latham 41 off 38): These two Kiwi batsmen seem to have got the measure of the Indian spinners on this track. 3 comfortable runs off the over.

17th over (99/1 || K Williamson 57 off 65 | T Latham 39 off 35): Mishra is not looking too comfortable out there as he gets carted for a six by Latham now, over deep square leg. Immediately gets flatter length-wise.

16th over (90/1 || K Williamson 56 off 64 | T Latham 31 off 30): Axar loses out on an LBW appeal with a skiddy armer that might just have gone down leg. Close call, though.

15th over (85/1 || K Williamson 55 off 61 | T Latham 27 off 27): Amit Mishra comes on now. And gets taken for runs straight away, swept away for four by Williamson en route to his fifty. And another one gets to the mid-on boundary over the infield for four. 8 runs off the over.

14th over (77/1 || K Williamson 47 off 55 | T Latham 27 off 27): Ooh, Williamson survives a tough chance there, as he mishits it to mid-off, where Pandya nearly gets under it. Will go down as a dropped chance. Latham now gets going with a gentle forward push, which catches the outer half of the bat and ambles away for four through the covers.

13th over (71/1 || K Williamson 46 off 51 | T Latham 22 off 25): The well-settled Williamson taking the initiative here. Starts off with a cracking square-drive for four and follows it up with a crisp lofted on-drive for six and then glides another four, deflecting Axar through gully.

12th over (55/1 || K Williamson 31 off 46 | T Latham 21 off 24): Another quiet over as Bumrah gets some tights lines in.

11th over (53/1 || K Williamson 30 off 43 | T Latham 20 off 21): Axar mixing it up here with the pace, and just 3 runs off it.

10th over: That was a good over for the Kiwis, as Williamson lashed a four of Pandya that could easily have been caught at chest height by a First Slip.

9th over: Bumrah into the attack. Williamson hits a boundary. It's now raining boundaries. Oh! low kept unplayable delivery from Bumrah. New Zealand 43 for 1.

8th over: Pandya continues, strays on the leg-side, Williamson taps it and the ball races to the boundary. New Zealand 39 for 1

7th over: Umesh continues. Lathan caresses the ball through covers for boundary. Excellent shot from the left-hander. Umesh is little bit expensive till now. Another boundary to end the over. New Zealand 34 for 1.

6th over: Pandya continues, starts with a wide. Blazing shot by Williamson through covers for a boundary. New Zealand 25 for 1.

5th over: Umesh continues. Another excellent over from the Indian bowler. Latham pulls a short ball from Umesh for bounday. New Zealand 20 for 1.

4th over: Pandya continues. Excellent over from the youngster. New Zealand 15 for 1.

3rd over: Umesh continues. Umesh and Pandya are bowling in the right areas till now. Yet another boundary in this over. Williamson and Latham are trying to build a partnership here. Kiwis 13 for 1.

2nd over: Pandya shares the new ball with Umesh Yadav. New Zealand 7 for 1.

1 st over: Umesh Yadav strikes early for India by removing the dangerous Martin Guptill. New Zealand 5 for 1.

India won the toss and opted to field in the second ODI against New Zealand at the Feroz Shah Kotla here today.

While India named an unchanged team, New Zealand made three changes with Doug Bracewell, Jimmy Neesham and Ish Sodhi making way for Trent Boult, Matt Henry and Anton Devcich.


India: Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (captain), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Tom Latham, Kane Williamson (captain), Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi, Anton Devcich, Mitchell Santner, Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Matt Henry

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