2019 Cricket World Cup: Tale of bashful bails

Bailed out! The bails stay put despite the ball hitting David Warner’s stumps.   | Photo Credit: DIBYANGSHU SARKAR

Cartwheeling stumps and flying bails are intrinsic to cricketing lore.

But, strangely, in the current World Cup bails have turned coy and seemingly refuse to respect Newton’s law of gravity when the ball rolls onto the stumps.

It happened yet again when Jasprit Bumrah got one to sneak past David Warner’s inner edge at the Oval on Sunday.

One of the theories is that the lights affixed to the bails, have added to the weight and if the ball makes feathery contact with the timber, nothing stirs.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar reflected a bowler’s angst when he said: “I want them to dislodge. That’s something the ICC should look at. I want the bails to be very, very light.”

Rival captains Virat Kohli and Aaron Finch too weighed in.

“This is not something you expect at the international level. The technology is great and the lights come on and you know it’s very precise when you actually make something happen with the stumps.

“But you literally have to smash the stumps really hard. And these are fast bowlers. These are not your medium-paced bowlers. I don't know what's actually wrong with the stump,” Kohli said.

His Australian counterpart Finch added: “It's a bit unfair at times. But it does seem to be happening more and more, which is unfortunate, because you would hate to see something like that happen in a World Cup final or a semifinal.

“ I don't know how much lighter they can make the bails.”

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