Munita breaks National record

Munita Prajapati.  

Munita Prajapati, the 19-year-old from Varanasi, broke the under-20 10,000m race walk National record on the penultimate day of the 36th National junior athletics championships here on Tuesday.

Her time of 47:53.58s made her the first Indian under-20 woman to go under 48 minutes in the event.

Khyati Mathur, coming back after a knee injury, soared to a personal best 1.77m in the under-18 girls high jump.

The results (winners only):

Men: Under-20: 800m: 1 Sree Kiran (TN) 1:52.19s; Shot put: 1. Aniket (Utk) 18.81m; Discus throw: 1. Ashish Kumar (Har) 54.79m.

Boys: Under-18: 800m: 1. Pradeep Senthilkumar (TN) 1:54.68s.

Under-16: 300m: 1. Deepak Singh (Har) 34.78 seconds; 800m: 1. Adarsh Kumar Maurya (MP) 1:58.72.

Long jump: 1. Chandrasekhar (UP) 6.84m; High jump: 1. Kothuri Pranay (Tel) 1.89m; Javelin throw: 1. Karan Kumar (UP) 63.76m.

Women: Under-20: 800m: 1. Pooja (Har) 2:07.96s; 10000m walk: 1. Munita Prajapati (UP) 47:53.58 (NR, OR 48:25.90, Reshma Patel, Bhopal, 2021); Triple jump: 1. P. Babisha (TN) 12.31m; Javelin throw: 1. Jyoti (Har) 45.17m.

Girls: Under-18: 800m: 1. Riya Nitin Patil (Mah) 2:12.16s; High jump: 1. Khyati Mathur (UP) 1.77m; Javelin throw: 1. Ramyashree Jain (Kar) 44.46m.

Under-16: 300m: 1. Unnathi Aiyappa Bolland (Kar) 40.11s; 800m: 1. Laxita Vinod Sandiela (Guj) 2:15.11s; 3000m walk: 1. Vaishnavi Negi (Utk) 14:35.60.

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