Bolt content to stay away from the track

Not now: A VR headset-sporting Usain Bolt, taking evasive action from a football, says there are no plans as of now to sign a contract with Manchester United.  

Usain Bolt has ruled out a comeback to the track.

Addressing the media here, the sprint legend called on the younger generation to work hard to earn success. “I am from a rural area of Jamaica, a country where I used play football in the streets with anything I could get my hands on and played with bare feet.

“It was all of a sudden that I was drawn into track and field and it is my hard work that helped me to the top of the world. But at no point did I think I would be at this level.

“It is amazing to sit back now. I get messages all the time, not just from from track athletes, from random people in life saying you have inspired me to do well, to work hard.

“I would never say that anyone should follow my footsteps, but what I ask them is to remain dedicated and focused on whatever they do. In athletics, you should really remain focused. The kind of work I did, when I look back, has been mind-blowing. It would all have easy on television but the reality is different.”

Bolt said he is yet to feel the emptiness after his retirement and said there was no question of making a comeback. “I am done with it. I was able to contribute much to the sport, got a fair name and now it is time to realise some of other goals I have had in my mind. Left to myself, I think it is all unbelievable and I am happy.”

Missing the roar

The great champion confessed he was missing the roar and adrenalin which used to drive him. “I would be lying if I told you that I do not miss all that. But then, my team keeps me busy as I am trying to get back to shape. I am busier as I travel a lot these days. So, in a way, I haven’t got the time until now to think about all that.”

The athlete was also quite clear on his view of the Commonwealth Games, “Yes, people keep on saying that the Games has lost its relevance. To me, personally, it was a championship and I always used to take championships seriously.”

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