Asiad - Day 8 - 2 p.m. to close

Tomorrow's another day, and with wrestling and athletics events set to begin, it opens up another page of possibilities for Indian sportsmen. But do watch out for that badminton final, tennis semis and quarterfinals, boxing and volleyball quarterfinals as well. Join Ashwin Achal at 7:30 am, he'll help you warm up with a 20km walk and then walk you through another packed day of sport. Until next time, this is adieu from Anand.

19:15: After Wushu, sailing is another sport in which Indians have snagged a silver in this edition of the Asiad. Another rowing silver rolled into the Indian camp.

19:10: Time for a medals tally - Here's how you read it - Country, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Total. You will need to scroll down, way down, to check out India's medals

China - 138, 65, 67, 270

South Korea - 52, 43, 57, 152

Japan - 29, 52, 55, 133

Iran - 8, 7, 14, 29

Hong Kong - 7, 12, 8, 27

Thailand - 7, 7, 19, 33

Chinese Taipei - 6, 8, 28, 42

North Korea - 5, 8, 12, 25

Kazakhstan - 4, 9, 18, 31

Singapore - 4, 6, 6, 16

Uzbekistan - 3, 10, 14, 27

Indonesia - 3, 6, 10, 19

Malaysia - 3, 6, 7, 16

India - 2, 10, 12, 24

19:01: Park makes a line error, and Lin wins the semifinal, to play Malaysia's Chong tomorrow night.

19:00: Match point Lin, with a very ordinary shot, which Park couldn't pick up.

18:58: Score now 17-9, the Korean out of his depth in this encounter, begins making unforced errors.

18:53: The score's 10-8, China leading in the second game. Lin also took the first game

18:50: Meanwhile, the second badminton men's singles semifinal is under way. China versus Korea, Lin versus Park

18:49: And he gets it, with a flick return to Wang's serve. World No. 1 Ma Long is also the Asian Games Gold medallist

18:48: Alternate serves now. What a point from Long. Attacking with a backhand topspin, following it up with vicious forehands, forcing Wang back, until he's too far to return. Gold medal point again.

18:47: Wang saves another match point. And another! Wang flicks the ball, it catches the edge of the table.

18:46: The fight not out of Wang yet, saves a match point with a brilliant top spin. He's got the service now.

18:45: Again, a topspin to topspin rally, match point.

18:43: Wang attempts a backspin serve, but it falls into the net. The topspin serve that follows doesn't fail him. 9-7

18:42: Not a great serve, but what a return from Long. Caught the edge of the table. Two point lead now.

18:41: Wang claws back with another forehand, lead down to one point. Long takes a timeout now

18:40: Wang with another return, scores. Long responds in kind, with a ferocious forehand topspin. But he couldn't reach the next one. Score 7-5

18:39: Poor return from Long, Wang punishes him for it. Long serves now, Wang misses. Score 6-3

18:38: An error gives Long the edge. He pumps his fist. Again, powerful forehand from Ma Long, Wang returns it to the net.

18:37: Wang takes a break, comes back stronger, forehand top spin, opens score. And again, with a backhand

18:36: What an exchange that was, a post graduate lesson in top spin. Another Chinese champion Ma Lin smiles. Long starts strong, has a 3-point lead in this game.

18:35: Wang needs to win the sixth game to take it all the way. Long needs to win it to end it.

18:34: Wang 10-4 now, 6 gamepoints. And takes the fifth game 11-4.

18:32: Brilliant reverse backhand topspin from Wang, Long connects, but it misses the table

18:31: Tricky backspin from Wang, takes two points back to back. Long counters the third.

18:30: Score's 5-3, Wang in the lead. The fight's back in Wang's paddle

18:28: Long goes for the big one, hits it into the net. He serves, Wang returns hard, takes the point

18:27: But watch out, Wang is a fighter, he might claw his way back into the game yet. He scores first. Hits the next one long.

18:26: World no. 1 ranked player shows you why. 7 game points in the fourth game. Wang overcooks a return, Ma Long wins the game 11-3

18:20: Ma takes the third game against Wang Hao 11-7 in that table tennis final.

18:17: By the way, China's Luo XIajuan has beaten Japan for gold in fencing.

18:13: Right, they both have a game each, it's the third game now. Long serves, scores two quick points

18:12: Wang Hao and Ma Long face off in the table tennis final. They're both Chinese. Why? Because China has 11 of the top 20 paddlers in the world.

18:11: Right, and China took Gold in the synchronised swimming event.

18:10: Lin Dan of China and Park Sunghwan of South Korea will play the other semi-final.

18:08: Score 19-7 now. Match point Chong. And the Malaysian is through to the finals.

18:06: But hardly enough, Chong scores twice. The second time a very clever loft above Chen's head, making him second-guess where the shuttle would land.

18:03: Chen does it again, sets up the shot perfectly, gets Chong out of the way, smashes it home. Score 6-15

18:02: Finally, Chen wins a rally. Perfect shot, set up Chong well, dropped it quickly to Chong's right, too forward

18:01: Brillinat smash from Chong, changes the direction of the shot at the very last moment. Chen misreads the sideline again, concedes another point.

18:00: Net practice. Drop shot after drop shot. But Chong prevails, 11-4

17:58: Chen misreading the line again, hits the shuttle outside court. Score 10-3, not in his favour.

17:56: Great rally. The Chinese hitting a couple of kung fu smashes, which Chong picks up with difficulty. But Chen makes a mistake with a drop shot, and Malaysia takes another point

17:55: Sensational. Chen executes an impossible cross-court drop shot, Chong manages to pick it up and place it right inside the baseline. Socre 8-2, Malaysia in the lead

17:52: Chen and Chong both have a set a piece. And they're even in the third set.

17:49: On dry land, the men's singles badminton semifinal match is on. China's Chen Jin versus Malaysia's Li Chong Wei.

17:47: No surprise they're the best in the world. Marvelous, rigorous routine - the star, a kaleidoscope effect, sculling, and an explosive finale.

17:44: Great opening, dive gracefully into the water, start with a lift and double somersault. This means one teammate is flipped out of the water by the others, and she does a double somersault on landing.

17:42: South Korea's in bronze position, Japan in silver. China comes out now for their routine

17:39: Hydraulics. Can't think of any other way they can support themselves, bob up and down like that.

17:38: Synchronised swimming. Amazing sport. A women's team from South Korea. Looks like they have hydraulics fitted into their limbs

17:34: Textbook jab from Omar, 8-0. 20 seconds left. The boxers end it with a clinch. One-sided encounter.

17:33: Omar playing it safe, letting Dilbag exert himself, without giving him any room

17:31: Round 3 - Omar scores again. Better technique, better defence, better attack. And another, straight jab with his right.

17:30: Canny fight from Omar, 5-0 lead after the second round. Dilbag clearly not in the same league

17:28: A one-two from Omar - left hook, right hook, two more points. Dilbag inviting his opponent to strike, hoping to benefit from a counterpunch

17:26: Round 2 - Omar looking in control in this round, scores two quick points, Dilbag dropping his guard for a better shot

17:25: Omar strikes first, a little late into the first round. Dilbaug unable to break through Omar's shell guard

17:24: Another Indian pugilist in action - India's Dilbag Singh against Turkmenistan's Omar in a round of 16 bout.

17:20: Suranjoy joins Vijender Singh, Amandeep and Samota in the list of successful Indian boxers today

17:19: Suranjoy wins that quarterfinal, he's through to the semis, assured of a medal. Isakov breaks down.

17:18: The boxers slugging it out, without being able to make it count. Isakov scoring another punch. Seconds left now.

17:17: Guarded fight from Suranjoy, not risking much on counter-punches.

17:16: Isakov attacks, the boxers clinch, and fall together, off balance. Suranjoy able to connect one more when he;s back on his feet.

17:15: Round 3, the final round. Suranjoy trying to employ the right-hook upper cut combo

17:14: Suranjoy exerting himself heavily, without too much to show for it. Isakov's defence near-impregnable.

17:13: Isakov scores, so does Suranjoy. 40 seconds to go in the second round

17:12: Suranjoy scores again, off a counter-punch. Looks like Isakov's saving himself for later.

17:11: Round 2 - Suranjoy scored one point in the last three seconds of the first round. Looking for more here. Great defence from Isakov

17:09: What do we have here - dynamo Suranjoy Singh fights Uzbekistan's Isakov in the 53kg quarterfinal

17:07: Li Xiaoxia, seeded second in this contest, losing splendidly to Guo Yue. Guo three sets up, leading in the fourth

17:06: Table tennis women's singles final match in progress now. It's an all-China contest, no surprise there.

16:51: Just 10 seconds to go, great pass to Rani, who scores with a brilliant reverse hit. The hooter sounds. India 6-0 at the end of this round robin league match. India has one more outing left, they'll play China on Monday

16:50: Natalia and Vera with a good counter attack, Natalia inside the dotted line, checked by Subhadra.

16:48: India attacks from the left, switches gamely to the far side. A dangerous lift by Rani, chastised by the umpire.

16:46: Saba Anjum earns another penalty corner, and as Poonam pushes it, Subhadra maks no mistake. India 5-0. Four minutes of play left

16:41: Strong counter-attack from Kazakhstan, Natalia showing great dribbling skill, but the Indian defence strong on that occasion

16:40: Penalty corner no.7, but Chanchan caugh napping when the goal keeper deflected it

16:35: Captain Surindar Kaur scores goal No.4 for India, nifty strategy there, a decoy deflecting the ball to the goal keeper's blind side.

16:30: India trying their best to breach the Kazakh defence

16:25: Rani slots home India's third goal

16:21: The goals notwithstanding, India's performance has been markedly lacklusture. Loose defence, no visible strategy.

16:20: And another. No mistakes this time. Jasjeet Kaur gets her stick to divert the ball. India 2-0

16:19: Meanwhile, the Indians are back to finish the other half of their hockey match with Kazakhstan. India have earned a penalty corner. This one proves goalless. But it leads to another penalty corner.

We've had many queries about Saurav Gosal's semi-final squash match with Malaysia's Iskandar. Sorry folks, Gosal lost that match 1-3. It lasted 68-minutes

16:13: Only moments left, an easy goal for India, the final buzzer sounds. India wil play Hong Kong next

16:12: Mongolia take advantage score another. But the Indians are on song here, they're already up 55 to Mongolia's 22.

16:11: Not such a benign sport after all. Indian Parseed is red-carded for kicking a Mongolian!

16:09: Mongolia scores one more, India responds with three more - the Indian no.13 doing most of the damage. India up 50-20

16:07: India doing well in another sport - handball against Mongolia. In the second half, India are leading with 47 against Mongolia's 19. This is a preliminary match

16:06: Half time, India ahead by a solitary goal against Kazakhstan

16:00: Spirited counter attack from Kazakhstan - great dribbling, inside the half circle, takes a shot - and misses. India lucky on that occasion

15:59: The Kazakh defence is admirable, and india's making another attempt to get past it. Joydeep and Jasjeet near the half circle.

15:56: Enough fencing, let's see how our hockey team is doing - Rani Rampal scores, India up 1-0 in the first half.

15:54: In fencing, the most common injuries are strained knees and elbows. Right, the sportsmen are too well-protected and the weapon too blunt to cause serious injury

15:52: Japan has a slim lead, 11-10, for the first time in this contest. And he scores again. 12-10

15:47: Interesting sport, extremely quick, channelled reflexes. Sword fighting, a few seconds at a time. Both swordsmen wear suits full of sensors, which record every touch of the opponent's weapon

15:42: Here's something we don't see often - fencing. It's a Japan South Korea semifinal. Ota versus Choi.

15:35: And Japan beat India in that women's volleyball encounter. India showed promise in the first set, but Japan won in straight sets

15:34: Kazakhstan earn their first penalty corner - it goes just wide.

15:31: India in a pool W women's hockey match with Kazakhstan. Will they match the men's success?

15:29: But Indonesia score the next one. Can Pakistan finish it? Yes they can, Rasul the man of the minute. Pakistan win this placement match

15:28: Grave error, Mahruf serves long, match point to Pakistan

15:27: Indonesia call another timeout, come back stronger, score one off a Pakistani blocker

15:26: Indonesia level it after timeout. Pak score again. Indonesia hits it wide, Pak leading 13-11 now.

15:25: Naseer scores his 31st point of the match. And his 32nd. The score's 11-10, Pakistan with a slim lead

15:24: 9-9, scores level again. Off the blocker's fingers, Indonesia back in the lead.

15:23: Not for long, Pakistan makes a great save, only have it smashed back

15:22: Score 7-7 now. Timeout. Good block from Pakistan, they're in the lead for the first time. 8-7

15:21 I'm sure you get the drift. Thety're going point for point, 6-6

15:20 Maharoof levels the score. Indonesia up again, then Naseer takes one off the net.

15:19 Good attack from Pakistan, the score's eve, 3-3. But Indonesia ups it with an other spike, far back

15:18 That was cheeky from Pakistan. Almost looked unintentional, that drop shot to the centre of the court. Indonesia get the next one with a straight smash

15:17 But the Indonesian front line makes a mistake with a drop, and it lands on their side. Thety don't make the mistake with the next smash

15:14 The decider under way, and Indonesia score first. Pak's block not enough.

15:12 Elsewhere, Pakistan is playing Indonesia, and it's turning out to eb a thriller. They're into the fifth set now, the decider.

15:05 An Indian attack goes wide, and the next drop didn't count because of a net touch. Japan 2 sets up.

15:04 Japan come back after a timeout. Score from a one-leg drop. Concede the next point with a bad serve

15:00 Signs of a real fight now, three points in a row. A change in strategy as well - The Indians have taken to attacking from behind the front line, instead of spiking it the conventional way

14:59 The score's now 22-11. Four points to victory. The Indians have displayed poor blocking though this second set.

14:57 India in real trouble here on the volleyball court. The Japanese have found their momentum and look set for taking the second set as well.

14:52 The squash men's singles semifinal is on, and Saurav Gosal is playing Malaysia's Iskandar. I'll get you the score in a minute

14:46 Japan giving India a creaming in volleyball. In spite of being down five points, they took the first set 25-23 and are leadign the second 13-9

14:39 Left jab, Singh scores again. 10 seconds left. And Vijender through to the semi-finals, assured of a bronze medal

14:38 Right hook, upper cut, 11-2 Vijender. Another right, 12-2. One minute left

14:37 The final round now, Vijender choosing defence, dancing a little. The umpire instructs him to fight, so he does.

14:36 They engage again, Vijender scores another point, 9-2 after round 2.

14:35 An injury in the ring. Cho claims Vijender elbowed him in the eye. Match is stopped for 20 seconds.

14:34 Vijender scores again, with a vicious right hook. But he's on dangerous ground again. He's punished for clinching, like he was in the CWG. 2 points to Cho.

14:33 The Korean commits a foul, hits below the belt. The umpire penalises him for it, India gets another point.

14:31 Round 2 - Oh, Cho's decided to do it the tough way. Which means Cijender scores again, with a jab, and another with a right.

14:30 Taking some risks now, the Indian, as Cho shows his frustration. Singh connects again. A 3-0 lead in the first round

14:29 And another point. Cho unable to get past Vijender's shell guard.

14:28 Round 1 - As usual, the pugilists sizing each other up, and Vijender breaks the ice first, and some part of Cho's face, by the sound that smack made.

14:27 Vijender Singh employs his fists in a conversation with South Korea's Cho.

14:25 Indian eves taking on Japan in a volleyball match, and doing just fine, by the looks of it. 13-9, the score. But we must look elsewhere now.

14:20 I'm sure you followed that India-Pakistan hockey match. You didn't? Well, you definitely missed some awesome sporting action. You can still catch the report, though. Click >here.

14:14 One sided from start to finish. An accurate right makes it 11-0. The Commonwealth Games bronze medallist beats fellow bronze medallist emphatically.

14:12 Right, I'll stick with settled. Unassuming punches, but all count. Amandeep up 10-0 now. Little over a minute left.

14:11 With a lead of 8, Amandeep enters the third round. His approach seems more cautious. Or maybe it's just more settled

14:08 Round 1 - Amandeep connects three punches. Round 2- 5!

14:01 An India-Pakistan clash. Amamdeep Singh taking on Waseem in boxing.

Good afternoon! I love starting the day with a good bout, livens me up, sets the juices flowing.

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