Watch: how online aggregators are helping India's farmers

Farming across India has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The farmers usually earn money by selling their produce in the mandi or local market.

But these places have been witnessing low footfalls due to the risk posed by the pandemic.

Now, a few online aggregators are finding ways to help these farmers by taking their produce to homes across the country.

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Tons Trails, a tourism enterprise in Uttarakhand made apples from the region available on an e-commerce platform. Supporters of organic farming and individual organic farmers helped them spread the word. Similarly, several other online aggregators are also finding ways to help farmers. Now, products like pineapples and kiwis from Manipur, black rice from Meghalaya, honey from Himachal Pradesh, spices and vegetables from Ooty have all started to make their way online.

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