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Warning signs

South bid four clubs in case partner had supported spades with only three-card support. He was happy to hear North go back to spades.

Declarer will often play a hand in sequential order — one suit at a time. The defence may resolve one or two suits for declarer, but then the declarer will have to handle the rest. West saw a discouraging card from partner on the opening diamond lead, so he switched to the ace of hearts and saw another discouraging card. West continued safely with a heart to let South resolve the other two suits for himself.

It was clear to start spades by leading dummy’s king, to protect against East holding four spades to the queen-jack. South continued with a low spade from dummy. Had East played low, South would have played the 10 as a safety play, but he changed his mind when East played the jack. South considered ducking but, on a bad day, East would shift to a club and give West a club ruff for down one and he would have some ‘splainin’ to do. South won with his ace and was happy to see West follow suit.

What about the clubs? All the warning signs were there about a possible 4-0 split. West had promised 5-5 in the red suits and might have more, plus he had followed to two spades. South started clubs by leading a low club from his hand. Had both opponents followed, he could have claimed. East showed out, but South was still able to pick up the club suit for no losers. Well played!

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