Goren Bridge Society

The easy way

The club’s Saturday night duplicate saw the usual suspects battling it out.

Hard Luck Louie won the opening heart lead with dummy’s ace and had to decide whether to play on diamonds or clubs. He was in the wrong hand to play on clubs, he thought, so he cashed the ace of diamonds and led another diamond. The correct technical play, when East plays a low diamond, is the queen. Louie, however, played his 10 and was pleased to see the king from West. West shifted to a spade. Louie won with dummy’s ace, overtook the jack of hearts with his king, and cashed the queen of diamonds. When that failed to drop the jack, Louie was down to hoping for a doubleton queen of clubs with West. He led a club to dummy’s jack and drifted down one when that lost to the queen.

Lucky Larry also won the first trick with dummy’s ace of hearts. He continued by leading the king of clubs from dummy! West won with his ace and led another heart, but Larry overtook dummy’s jack with his king, cashed the queen, and led his last club to the jack and queen. He had an easy nine tricks with three clubs, three hearts, two spades, and a diamond. What was that about being in the wrong hand to start clubs?

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