Scissors, wet grinders and soap: GI tags you might not have known about


Warangal’s artisan community heaved a sigh of relief after they were granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag for their Warangal Dhurries recently.

The shatranji carpets and jainamaaz prayer mats made in Warangal range in size from the smallest 2-feet-by-3-feet to a massive 60-feet-by-90-feet, examples of which are seen in some museums. Bright colours, geometric patterns and interlocking zigzag motifs in cotton and jute are the signature styles of the carpets.

India has a massive list of GI tags. We know about Tirupati’s famous ladoos, Kancheepuram’s silk sarees, the Banarasi brocade silk, Andhra’s Banganapalle mangoes and, most recently, the Banglar Roshogolla. But here are some of the lesser known items that have bagged the GI tag.

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