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Safe extraction

We like South’s control bid of four hearts, promising that he did not have two quick losers in hearts. Blackwood instead would have been a mistake. South would not have known what to do after a two-ace response.

South won the opening club lead with dummy’s ace. There was some chance for a defensive ruff, probably in clubs, so South went after trumps right away. He led a spade to his ace and another spade to dummy’s jack. This revealed the trump position, which South could have handled easily, but East ducked the jack of spades! The reason why became apparent when South led dummy’s last trump. East won with his king and led the 10 of diamonds. What now?

South had to find a way back to his hand so he could draw the last trump. Still fearing a possible club ruff, he tried to cash the king of diamonds. East ruffed this for down one. Besides guessing to lead a club rather than a diamond, was there anything South could have done?

Yes! South should have cashed the ace of hearts and one high diamond before leading the last trump from dummy. He would then be in the driver’s seat when East won his king of spades. South could win a heart or a club from East in his hand and draw the last trump. Should East lead a diamond, instead, South could then safely ruff a third diamond to get back to his hand.

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