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No such thing

North’s three-spade bid showed a heart fit with a hand too good to just bid four hearts. This is a common treatment in today’s tournament world.

The opening 10 of hearts lead gave South some options. No one would lead from the queen of trumps against a slam, so East surely held the queen. Was it singleton or doubleton? South should play low from dummy in either case. Maybe South should cover with dummy’s jack and guess what to do about the nine later. Not wanting the opening lead to create a trump loser that wasn’t there before, South played low from dummy and won with the ace in his hand. He next cashed the king of hearts and was disappointed that the queen didn’t fall but pleased that the suit split 3-2.

Declarer was in no rush to take the diamond finesse. He cashed three top clubs followed by three top spades. He was in good shape as he cashed dummy’s last spade. East chose to discard a diamond, but it didn’t matter. South exited dummy with a heart to East’s queen, and East was forced to lead a diamond and give South his contract.

We are reminded of a quote from the late Terrence Reese: “There is no such thing as a blind opening lead, only deaf opening leaders.” South made a control bid in clubs and East hadn’t doubled the artificial threespade bid. The winning diamond lead shouldn’t have been too hard to find.

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