Meet the 19-year-old from Punjab who holds a world record for 118 knuckle pushups in a minute — and he’s never been to a gym

Nineteen-year-old Kuwar Amritbir Singh doesn’t really know what a gym looks like. He can’t describe it to you. But here is what he can do: 118 knuckle pushups in one minute.

He currently holds the World Records of India title for the youngest to perform knuckle push ups in a minute and an India Book of Records for the youngest to perform maximum (35) Superman push-ups in 30 seconds. This year, he has been nominated for the Karmaveer Chakra Award, presented for commitment and courage by walking the path less trodden and initiating a wave of change in society.

Interestingly, this fitness enthusiast from the nondescript village of Umarwala in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, now has a following of 56.9k on Instagram, with followers from all around the world. He also has a YouTube channel focussing on workout techniques minus the frills.

Equipment fancies

“You don’t need to have fancy equipment or supplements to get fit,” says Kuwar Amritbir on a call, adding that there are no gyms in his village or nearby. “People here cannot afford protein supplements. They had this misconception that without these they cannot build their bodies. To motivate them I started exercising at home and setting records. All you really need is passion and motivation,” he says.

Kuwar Amritbir’s collection of equipment includes a variety of dumbells and barbells, starting at 10 kilograms and going up to 45 kilograms. The small ones are made using plastic bottles that are cut to size, then filled with cement and dried in the sun for a couple of days; they are held together using an iron rod.

Others are made using cement tiles, bamboo sticks, tubes of waste tyres, and bricks among others. There is also a device for bench presses made using an iron table, wooden plank and tyre tubes.

He says he tries to innovate and make equipment that targets different body parts. For example, to strengthen his forearms, he has created a gadget made with an iron rod, rope and bricks.

Meet the 19-year-old from Punjab who holds a world record for 118 knuckle pushups in a minute — and he’s never been to a gym

Punjab, among other things, is known for its wrestlers, says Kuwar Amritbir. In the past, they built their strength and bodies by doing workouts at home.

These included traditional exercises like dand baithak, sapate, bethaka, he explains, adding that he started incorporating these into his daily schedule at the age of 17. His daily diet is basic but he includes milk, curd, ghee, butter and lassi in his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kuwar Amritbir trained himself by learning from his PT teachers in school, his father and uncle, and from YouTube. Last year, his rock solid abs made their television debut on Hunar Punjab Da, a talent show. This year he has, for now, reached the semi finals of Punjabiya Di Dadagiri, a programme hosted by cricketer Harbhajan Singh, focussing on general knowledge and talent.

“Inspired by Sardar Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Uddham Singh among others, I wanted to do something different so people remember me,” says Kuwar Amritbir, adding, “Creating a healthy nation will be my contribution.”

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