Letters to a concerned reader | As Mr. Mathrubootham bids adieu, our readers write in

Dear Sir,

While we wish Mr Mathrubootham all the best of everything in his future life in the USA, this is no justification for his decision to stop his weekly letters to old friends and readers of the Hindu. In fact, it would be a greater pleasure for us to have a realistic peep into the lives of common people in America through his keenly observant eyes and in his inimitable witty style. I would therefore sincerely urge upon him to reconsider his hasty decision and resume his weekly letters, soon after settling down in New Jersey. Meanwhile, let him know that we are going to miss him here, as he too is surely going to miss us there!

Yours truly,

M.M. Mathur

Sir/ Madam,

The very first article in The Magazine, that has been looked for is the weekly bits from Mr.Mathrubootham.It’s very hard to accept that we won’t get letters from him. His own style of narration will be really missed. Wishing him good health and happiness in his new adventure.

With Regards,

Rama Sindhia T

Dear Mr. Mathrubootham,

Mathru sir please, and thank you, do hear me out. Bear with me. Weeping is coming beyond capacity of even the Willow Tree after reading your letter last Sunday. Drooping too like same tree; am down in the dumps! Think again about going to new Jersey. Please let papaya go, but you kindly stay back. Thousand times please i beg you and frozen heart Kamalam not to abandon your admirers!

Sundays won’t be fun days if you do...

Yours in grief,

Jacqueline Colaco


My idea of a relaxing Sunday morning isn’t complete without the usual dose of Mr. Mathrubootham’s antics. It is saddening that the Mathruboothams are moving to the United States. I do hope to let Mr. Mathrubootham know that we will never forget him, and that he will be terribly missed. I pray to Lord Guruvayoorappa to give him the strength to handle the United States and their people. His pearls of wisdom and his wonderful sense of humour will be cherished for posterity.

A dedicated admirer of the Mathrubootham clan,

Sahithi M R

I hope Mr Mathrubootham is only joking about zero letter from him in the near future. His letters always bring a lot of fun on Sunday mornings. Sir you have cited moving to U.S. as the reason. Not at all acceptable sir since you would have so many more new experiences there which you should share with us all in your own witty style. Request you to continue with your letters.


Sujatha Krishnakumar

Sir/ Madam,

This is to wish the Mathruboothams a very happy sojourn with their son and his family in New Jersey; to thank them for the many smiles that their letters have brought to sometimes very tired lives.

I hope, also that their new lives will continue to encourage Mr. Mathrubootham to comment in his inimitable manner on this experience and share it with us in Chennai.

Good bye and Good Luck all the way.

Maggie Thomas


This is with reference to “Letter from a concerned reader”, (November 22). It makes sad that Mr. and Mrs. Mathrubootham leave Anna Nagar to New Jersey in United States in a month permanently. It will be a bad news for his fans who would be missing very much his weekly letters which are of enjoyable wits and sarcasms. The only consolation is that Mrs. has instructed Mr. to send his letter every three months from U.S. which may narrate to his readers about his routine life and environmental features there.

Yours sincerely,

D. Sethuraman.


I had just one reason for adding The Hindu to my Sunday morning reading: Mr. Mathrubootham’s letter to the Editor in the magazine section. I could think of no better way to bring on the sunshine of life on even the most overcast monsoon day. But now that he is ending his letters, I am desolated. Sad feelings are coming. Cancel my subscription.

Yours truly,

Stanley Pinto

Dear Mr. J Mathrubootham Sir,

It was extremely disheartening to read your penultimate letter. I understand that you have served your two week’s notice. Please step out of Jambuvaan era and embrace the e-mail medium where you can shoot-out letters from America or Antarctica.

Psst - I have a deal for you, what if I secretly offer life-long free supply of Rasmalais from Ganga sweets? Will you reconsider writing to us regularly, my dearest old man?

Yours in disappointment,

Preeti Ravishankar


Please think twice before stopping the column titled ‘Letter from a concerned reader’. Mr. Mathrubootham is the biggest reason why readers like me read the Sunday Magazine. Stopping the column will deprive readers of a weekly toast of fresh humour, and at least some like me might lose interest in reading the more serious-toned ones.

G. Nandagopan

Dear Sir,

Just when one thought 2020 will not have any more unpleasant surprises, the Mathruboothams have hit us below the belt.

The only pleasant aspect in these gloomy times was one’s looking forward to THE letter in the Sunday Magazine.

The visa officer in the US consulate is a real madaya, we all agree. He had no sympathy for the working-from-home second son. Poor chap, where will he work from?!. The first son is very thoughtless. At least Mukesh Ambani is better , he has spared a house for poor Anil.

And all of us at home agree and lament, this is the biggest brain drain from our ancient land.


Srinivas G

Dear Mr. Mathrubootham,

It was a deep emotion of sadness that I read today’s column. After next week no more ‘Dear concerned reader! From the time I switched to The Hindu, about 3 years ago; from when I discovered the column; I have been looking forward to the Magazine part of The Hindu every Sunday. Directly I search for Mrs. and Mr. Mathrubootham’s never- ending arguments, the work-from-home sons’ education of his father, with neighbours Hussain and Dr. Shanker Menon ‘s Ganga Sweets outings and I saving the best for the last, Kamalam’s smart aleck counter-replies to her husband's excuses! My family and I would discuss the latest Mathrubootham’s insights with laughter and appreciation. It may be of Jambhavan age attitude, but always on the nose to today’s happenings and attitudes of the youth. In fact I remember, Mrs. and Mr. Mathrubootham were also answers to a ‘ 20 questions’ game we play on one of our long car rides. I have recommended the column to my family and friends. That is how popular and loved the column is to me. But we have to move with the times, like Mr. Mathrubootham himself would say. So with a sad heart, I bid farewell to the well-loved article and bid Mrs. and Mr. Mathrubootham the very best in their new life. I am confident that U.S.A. will provide an extensive array of entertainment to the couple to argue!

Uma Sriram

Sir/ Madam,

It was always very calm and interesting to read Mr. J Mathrubootham’s letter. It is very sad to know that he will not write any letters anymore. Since change is always needed in everyone’s lives, I think he should also move ahead in his life.

It was always a good time in reading his letters as it was connected to our lives too.

So, Finally Goodbye.

Thanking You

Shradha. V

Dear Mr. Mathrubootham,

Ayyayyo, why is Mathrubootham so heartless; adding to the already morose setting, thanks to Covid and all. Please take a crash course in emailing and continue your weekly ‘doses’ from New Jersey. It may lack the Anna Nagar flavour but there are enough of us in U.S. to supply you with anecdotes?

Concerned reader,

Sudhir Menon

Sir/ Madam

As one addicted to the weekly letters of Mr.Mathrubootham, the news that this will cease after next week is very difficult for me to swallow. There is, however, a ray of hope that we will hear from him once in three months. Let us wish Mr. & Mrs.Mathrubootham all happiness and an enjoyable stay in U.S.A. Mr.M. will be sure to miss his favourite Ganga Sweets ras malai, his doctor friend, etc.Two doubts lurking in the mind have to be cleared: (1) Will his other son continue WFH from Mugappair? (2) Actually, who is this Mr.Mathrubootham, who revealed his likes and dislikes frankly without any fear?


Respected Sir, Mr. J. Mathrubootham,

What nonsense you are talking? You say you are going to New Jersey, America. Not to Moon or Mars, no? There is no internet connection there? You write by e-mail, no? Most probably you will be living in a Little Chennai. You can take Mathrubootham out of Chennai, you cannot take Chennai out of Mathrubootham, to coin a phrase. There will be any number of Shankaramenons and many others, maybe with other names around you. You better keep writing letters. There are many fans here whose Sunday morning starts with reading your letter only.

Yours, in anticipation

C.N. Pillai


It is saddening to learn that J.Mathrubootham will not be writing ‘letters’ and will be settling in New Jersey with his son. ‘The Hindu Sunday Magazine’ without his column is like a photo-frame without photo. One is unable to comprehend as to what made him abandon Anna Nagar, Ganga sweets and more importantly his Bank of India friends and his neighbour, Shankara Menon. These fictional characters created by him reminds one of those of R.K.Narayan’s. It is requested that ‘The Hindu’ may publish a compendium of Mathrubootham’s letters so that readers can relive their memories of this humourist.

Sincerely yours,

K. Pradeep

Dear Mr.Mathrubootham,

This is the final bad news of 2020 or there is more? Who will frequent Ganga Sweets and write to us about amusing Anna Nagar neighbours now? And what about Ladies Association of Mrs.M? Feeling bad only but thank you, for all these letters, for Tamil cuss words, lots of laughs and relatable rants.

Yours with a heavy heart,

Divya Venkattu

Dear Ma’am/ Sir,

I am registering my sadness at the imminent departure of an icon of our times. I don’t know what precipitated this move, but I guess all good things must come to an end. Guruvayoorappa, I wish there was something that could change your mind. If this is indeed the farewell, bon voyage, Mr. Mathrubootham.

Yours in grief,

Pranav P. S.

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