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If you need it, play for it

North did not want to pass South’s penalty double with a huge fit that partner did not know about. Four diamonds doubled would have been a sure plus score for North-South. The five-club contract was in danger of losing two spades and a heart.

The opening heart lead went to East’s king and South’s ace. It was obvious to South that he would need one of his opponents to hold two spade honours doubleton if the contract was to have any chance. South ruffed a diamond in dummy and cashed the ace of spades, happy to see the jack fall. He led a club to his 10 and ruffed another diamond in dummy.

Another club toward South’s hand gave East a discarding problem. Should East discard a diamond, South would win, ruff his last diamond, and play the queen and another heart. East could win and cash a spade, but he would then have to yield a ruff-sluff and present South with his contract. East chose to discard his king of spades, instead, hoping his partner held the queen and 10.

Declarer won the club, which drew the last trump, ruffed his last diamond, and led a spade to the 10. West won with the queen, but the nine and eight in dummy were established as winners. East’s enterprising discard of the king of spades had cost a trick, as declarer ended up with an overtrick. A nice reward for a well-played hand.

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