Celebrating Madras Week in 2020

Madras Week 2020 | Heritage household objects help Chennai architects to connect to the city


Thirupurasundari Sevvel founded Nam Veedu Nam Oor Nam Kadhai (Our house, our village, our story) in 2013, along with architects T Sivagamasundari and Akshayaa Selvaraj, who shared a similar passion for social history and heritage. “

The trio focusses on local history, people and household heritage objects. “Antiques are not always exotic, but even simple everyday objects such as vessels, bus tickets, handkerchiefs or cloth bags have a story to tell,” says Thirupurasundari.

The team has so far organised over 100 household heritage and personal history exhibitions in the city, including virtual ones during lockdown. And during the lockdown she organised the exhibition on the virtual platform.

These young architects have collected some rare household heritage objects from their family that helped them connect with the Madras of a bygone era, as the city celebrates its 381st birthday.

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