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Hindsight is 20-20

South bid four spades thinking that it might be a good sacrifice. Good defence, however, would have defeated the East-West four-heart contract, so South had to make his contract to show a profit.

He caught a great dummy and had an excellent chance to take 10 tricks. South won the opening heart lead with dummy’s ace and led a spade to his king and West’s ace. West knew that there was no heart trick available for the defence, as East needed four-card support to justify his jump to four hearts. West bravely shifted to the king of diamonds and struck gold! He continued with a second diamond to the queen and ace, and East persevered with another diamond. This promoted West’s jack of spades into the setting trick.

This was a lovely defence, but still, South should have made his contract. Can you spot how?

West would probably have led the ace of diamonds if he held both the ace and king, so it was reasonable to presume that West had the ace of spades and East had a high diamond. Instead of leading a trump from dummy at trick two, South should have led dummy’s last heart and discarded one of his low diamonds. The contract would then be pretty safe unless West started with all three missing trumps.

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