Yadu’s generosity

The Supreme One chose to incarnate in the Yadu vamsa to show the world the virtues of this family, said V.S. Karunakarachariar in a discourse. In Vishnu Purana, sage Parasara describes the Lord’s qualities to Maitreya while telling him about Yadu, the first son of Yayaati. The Lord has all the worlds inside Himself. Those who want wealth worship Him. Those who are interested in the attainment of moksha also worship Him. His greatness is immeasurable. He has no beginning or end. The very fact that such a One was born in Yadu’s family shows the virtuousness of that family. Even when He was born, He showed that He was the Supreme One incarnate, for He was born showing His four hands. This too was His leela. Rama was not born like that. Rama’s other two hands were hidden from view, and only a few like Hanuman and Mandodari could recognise His Supremacy. Krishna hid His extra hands, only because His mother Devaki requested Him to. And this was only till the killing of Kamsa. Once Kamsa was killed, He was always seen with His four hands.

Vedanta Desika, in his Yadavabhyudaya, describes Yadu’s generosity. Most people give only if we make a request to them. Even then they might give us much less than what we ask for. But Yadu gave much more than one asked for. Such generosity is indeed rare. Desika’s description of Yadu’s generosity is beautiful. He says that Yadu’s words assuring help to those who come to him are like the humming of bees that feast on the nectar in the lotus flower on which Lakshmi is seated. Krishna, although born in the Yadu clan, chose to grow up among cowherds. This was because when Bhooma Devi had approached Brahma for relief from Her burdens She had taken the form of a cow.

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