Wealth of spiritual vision

The Upanishads speak highly of those who intuitively perceive the truth of the Supreme Brahman within themselves. Such people know that all external attainments and worldly goals that many aspire for are not of any worth, especially in comparison with the wealth of spiritual vision they possess.

Ambarisha is one such enlightened soul whose story is narrated in the Bhagavata Purana. Parikshit, who is under the curse of a rishi kumara, is eager to hear about this royal sage Ambarisha who was not affected by Durvasa's curse that is generally not easy to resist, pointed out Sri B.Sundarkumar in a discourse. Suka explains that Ambarisha's father and grandfather had stood by truth and dharma and Siva had conferred enlightenment on his father Naabaga. So, Ambarisha’s exemplary devotion is rooted in these basic qualities. His birth and status had conferred on him kingship over the entire earth with the seven continents. He accepted his role as a king and played it to the hilt, while always remembering that all this is only a dream like existence. So, he was not affected by all this wealth and prowess at his command. He managed the affairs of the kingdom and was committed to governing the whole earth meticulously; but he never relinquished in his mind the sense of detachment. He worshipped God with yagnas under the guidance of sages such as Vasishta and Gautama. But he never aspired for any personal benefits such yagnas can confer.

He practised bhakti every moment of his life in thought, word and deed, and this influenced his attendants and associates as well. By always hearing and reciting hymns on the Lord they too were steeped in the bliss of savouring His auspicious qualities and attributes. They too remained indifferent to worldly gains or heavenly regions.

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