Vinayaka ensures success

Abirami Bhattar begins his Abirami Andadi with a verse in praise of Lord Vinayaka, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse. In the Thirukkadaiyur temple, Vinayaka is called Kallavarana Pillayar. Upon instructions from the Goddess, Vinayaka is said to have stealthily taken away the nectar over which the asuras and devas were fighting. Hence he earned the name Kallavarana Pillayar or Chora Ganapathi. This is a unique feature of Vinayaka in the Thirukkadaiyur temple.

When Vinayaka is with Ambal and Siva, he is called Soma Ganapati, just as Muruga in the company of Siva and Parvati is called Somaskanda murthy. No venture is undertaken without prayers being offered to Vinayaka, for he is the one who removes all obstacles, and ensures the success of the endeavour. When Lord Siva set out to destroy the forts of the three demons, He did not take leave of Vinayaka. And so, the axle of His chariot broke, says Arunagirinatha, in his Thiruppugazh. Vinayaka helped His mother too. Ambal had to destroy Pandasura. Pandasura’s brother wanted to help him. So he placed a yantra in the middle of Ambal’s army. This yantra was called the jayavignayantra, that is a yantra that served as a hurdle to victory. So, the Goddess was unable to kill Pandasura. Vinayaka stepped in, and broke the yantra. And only then was Ambal able to kill Pandasura.

Abirami Bhattar sings of Ganapathy in the Chidambaram temple, because in Chidambaram he is Karapaga Vinayaka, that is one who gives whatever a bhakta seeks. Chidambaram is also the most important temple for Saivites. Ganapathy is said to be white in colour. Some say he is red. But Abirama Bhattar says he is dark like clouds. This is to show his compassionate nature and his generosity in giving, like a rain-laden cloud.

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