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As a matter of course, all beings are engaged in some kind of a quest during their lifetime. The goals they seek depend on their desires and the extent of effort they spend to attain them. The Gita tries to redirect the individual’s attention towards a sincere examination of the worth of one’s goals and desires by using the most valuable gift, the intellect, to analyse and see things in proper perspective, pointed out Srimati Sunanda in a discourse.

First of all, to many, the true identity of one’s self continues to evade leading to a wrong perception based only on the body mind complex that constitutes every individual personality. So, one passes through life assuming that achievements such as possession of wealth, status in life, scholarship, etc, are the most worthwhile goals to be pursued. Though aware of the ephemeral quality of life that stands in the background, the choice to chase the goals that the senses showcase as important dominates to such an extent that the reality is not accepted at the moment.

It is foolish to plunge into life seeking goals that only leave one stressful and dissatisfied, for desires that remain unfulfilled are the main cause of sorrow and problems in life. The hurdles leave one with only anger, resentment, disappointment, etc. By reducing desires one can focus on seeking goals, that give lasting peace. Great thinkers have spoken about how easily man becomes a victim of ingrained ideas that he sincerely believes to be the truth. He does not realise that his understanding of life and the world may not at all be true. It is not our ignorance but our insufficient awareness that gets one into trouble says Mark Twain. Alvin Toffler echoes a similar idea when he defines illiteracy in the 21 century as the inability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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