Uniqueness of Atma Vidya

Atma Vidya is inherent and a natural potential in every jivatma. It is considered to be the higher knowledge by which one knows the changeless Reality. It is knowledge that is all-pervading and subtler than the subtlest, everlasting, and the source of all, say the Upanishads.

In contrast to this is the knowledge of the intellect and senses which is limited to the objective and finite world. One may go in search of this knowledge from many external sources; but the knowledge thus gained can never really belong to him. He may lose it at any time. But Atma Vidya is its own possession. None can take it away.

In a discourse, Swami Paramasukhananda pointed out that all the subtle effects and facets of Atma Vidya are exemplified in King Prithu when he is blessed by the arrival of the Sanatkumaras.

These four great sages headed by Sanaka arrive to impart their sermon to the king. He is overwhelmed by his good fortune, for he had been instructed by Lord Narayana earlier. He is already a realised soul for he sees the presence of the Almighty in all aspects of creation. Though a ruler with a vast kingdom, he knows that nothing at all belongs to him. There is nothing he needs at a personal level and so he rules the kingdom in the most righteous manner. He is thus free of the sense of “I” and “Mine.”

Now he is blessed by the sages who are the most invaluable teachers and have come to impart the highest ever attainment for any jivatma, the knowledge of the self. What guru dakshina can be given to such selfless preceptors, except one’s heartfelt gratitude, says Prithu. Moreover is there anything at all to be given to such preceptors who are the very essence of altruism in their state of self knowledge?

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