Trust in God

When Rama and Sita arrive at the ashram of Sage Atri, they are welcomed warmly by the sage and his wife Anasuya. Anasuya tells Sita that She did the right thing by leaving behind the comforts of the palace to follow Rama to the forest. Anasuya says that a woman, who wishes to be with her husband in prosperity and adversity, is virtuous. Such a woman will be glad to be with her husband, whether he lives in a palace or in a forest. A woman cannot have a better friend than a husband who protects her always. Women like Sita will reap rich rewards for their conduct. Sita replies, “Even if my husband had lacked all the virtues He is well known for, I would still be reverent towards Him. My husband is compassionate and as caring to me as a mother or a father would be. He is as affectionate towards all the other Queens, as He is towards His mother Kausalya. He sees all the wives of King Dasaratha as His mothers.”

Sita’s words would be the words of any true devotee, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse. A man visiting the Srirangam temple noticed Parasara Bhatta there, and wondered what he did for a living. One day he asked Bhatta, “How do you manage your expenses, when you seem to have no occupation?” Bhatta replied, “The Lord’s palm faces His devotees, to reassure them that He will save them. But even if His palm were to be turned away from me, I will still continue to place my trust in Him. He will take care of me.” If He decides to save us, can anyone stop Him? If he does not save us, who else can? He cares for us as a mother does for her child. When asked what his income was, Chanakya replied, “I am not worried about my income. When a child is born, milk flows from the mother’s breasts. It is God who makes this happen. Will He not provide for me?”

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