The Tirumalai hills

Of the many Divya Desams that Azhwars have sung about, Tiruvengadam, also known as Tirumalai, is very dear to most of them. Among the Azhwars, the Mudal Azhwars, comprising Poigai, Bhootha and Pey Azhwars, have conveyed their experience of the deity along with the descriptions of the natural beauty of the hills in many of their hymns, pointed out Sri A. K. Sundarrajan in a discourse. They affirm with great faith that a visit to Tirumalai to seek His grace is sure to be most beneficial.

The Lord at Tirumalai is worshipped not only by the people of this earth but by the Nityasuris of Vaikunta and other celestial beings, says Poigai Azhwar. He describes the many waterfalls, the animals, birds, plants, trees, etc, and other residents of the hills such as the kuravars who worship the Lord with love and devotion. This sacred shrine has the power to rid the sins of all the people. Many kinds of people seek the Lord for various reasons based on their aims of life and individual temperaments. Some of them are staunch devotees who long for eternal service at His feet. They will not bear any separation from Him. As Andal says, they wish to serve Him at all times, no matter how many births they are destined to take owing to their karma.

Azhwar says that even if their past sins lead them to repeated births, and thereby continue to be a hurdle, a visit to this place to worship the Lord is capable of removing this great obstacle to moksha. There may be many others who wish for the material comforts of this world. God grants their wishes. But even such people will gradually give up their laukika desires owing to the subtle power of His grace. Instead, their attention is diverted to the Lord and they begin to nurture the longing for Moksha.

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